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Monday, April 21, 2014

S is for Swimming , A to Z Challenge

Swimming is a lot of fun in Phoenix, assuming you are in the shade anyway.

We have a 10' x 30 Intex Easy Set Pool" with an upgraded pump and we love it. We set it up when the temps get into the 90's or so, and with a cover and diligent cleaning and chlorinating we can usually keep it running for the whole summer.

Monsoons are our enemy no matter what happens. Even the best covers are going to let in some dirt and debris, and usually the monsoon will just rip the cover clean off when the wind is strong enough. Since our pool is pretty small though, we can empty some water and get it back into shape quick enough.

Although we have shade sails over the area where we put the pool we still get a lot of sun on it. We have to be certain to sweep and such often. If we are swimming a lot it isn't as big of a deal.

We do need to watch it on super hot streaks- 110 is brutal on the chlorine levels. Keeping the chemistry can be tricky. When it is that hot though, we let out water and run in some cooler water. Getting into a pool that is 100 is not that soothing though, so mostly we stay out of it, and even if we do get in, it is after the sun goes down.

We aren't quite ready to get it up and running yet. The 90's are about to be our regular temperature, but I am not ready. The toddler will love it, and will want to be in it constantly once it goes up!