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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Review of Skoy Cloths and a Giveaway

I was recently made aware of a company that makes really awesome products -Skoy Cloth. I shot them an email and asked if I could review their reusable cloth products that replace disposable paper towels. 

I love the features that they list on their website:
  • 100% biodegradable  
  • Absorbent  
  • Re-usable  
  • European-made  
  • Compostable  
  • Multi-use  
  • Unique designs and fun colors!

You know I have been working to replace some of my paper products in this house. Some efforts are better than others. With a toddler, we are always making messes, and cleaning them up. We go through many wash cloths and paper towels all day, and I cannot keep up sometimes. I needed to add some supplies. 

These came in the mail and they are super cute looking.  Yes, I know, they are to clean up messes, but that doesn't mean they need to be entirely functional. They can be pretty too. 

Apparently the toddler liked the flower on the first one I showed her. She took it. I haven't seen it in days. She was squirreling it away somewhere so I wouldn't take it.. no problem. I have more.. lol.

There are helpful instructions included in the packaging. These cloths are not entirely like other things you are used to. They dry up stiff!

It amuses me really.

But mostly I like it, because unlike the other wash cloths and such that I hang in my sink to dry-- these actually dry, and don't end up smelling like nasty sink in my kitchen. 

I hardly ever get more than a use or two from a regular cloth because they get ooky. With these, I soap them up and wash off whatever I need to. I am pleased with that.

They wash up great in the washing machine with my dishtowels. I cannot see any wear on them at all and I have been using them like mad.

I really like the way that they pick stuff up though. Calling them a replacement paper towel does not really do justice to the way that they work. They are sooo much better than that. There is a sort of abrasiveness or sticky-to-it-ness that seems to allow me to wipe up a lot more per swipe.. does that make sense? I do not have to go over the same spot on my daughter's high chair tray again and again to get the goo off. Usually one good sweep does it. A real time saver when she is looking to go have some fun. I will say though- I reach for these when I would have used a paper towel- mostly on those kinds of messes where you just don't want to touch them again... messes where you know you won't be able to rinse off the goo in the sink.. with these cloths it comes right out, and quickly.

I found that they did not stain or get rough looking at all.. until today. My daughter decided to skate on some blackberries, and it seems that the cloth finally met its match for stains. ( it cleaned the mess quickly enough though.) 

I will add- I am stained from blackberries, and so are my daughter's feet, hands and ears. She also ruined a pair of pants. Nothing wins but the blackberries for stains...

I am not holding it against the cloth. I think it would be an unrealistic expectation to think anything would resist that kind of color!

Overall- I think these are a very much appreciated addition to my cleaning routine. I look forward to using these for some time to come- and I think they are going to easily last several months or more.

I hear they are available at The Container Store locations all over- so if you are looking for a set for yourself, you can check them out in person. Or of course, buy online.

Also- if you are into school fundraisers- they have a special product that you can offer--  check out this link- these are pretty cute!

I have been given a pack of Skoy Cloths to share with one of you lucky readers- enter below!

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Thanks so much to Skoy for sending me the product to review, and one to giveaway!