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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Q is for Queen, A to Z Challenge

Today is brought to you by the letter Q. 

Lately I have been spending my evenings watching Netflix while the little one dozes off to sleep. I was hooked on the Borgias ( the Jeremy Irons version) and then when I finished that I tried the other version, and couldn't get into it. Next was The Tudors. 

I try pretty hard not to go look everything up historically, and since my English history is pretty weak, I was able to keep the mystery alive.. I knew Henry the 8th had a bazillion wives, and I kind of remember something about Anne Boleyn getting her head chopped but that was about it.

It made me really feel sad for the sad state of women in that time. Although we still have a long way to go as women, I feel pretty confident that MOST women that will be crowned a Queen these days will have very little risk of publicly having their head ending up in a royal basket. (now there are some conspiracy types that may dispute this, but work with me here..) 

I felt sad that the lack of male heirs was at least the partial downfall of these women. Clearly now we know that in fact the MALE is the one that contributes that little section of DNA, so blaming the woman is fruitless. ( there are still those that do but I doubt they will be beheaded for it either. Divorce is a thing now..)

Besides this bearing male heirs, their lives seem pretty dull. Sure they got better food and such compared to the average person, but they were stuck with the ladylike pursuits.. gossip.. drama.  It doesn't sound as glamorous as a Disney movie might have you think. The way they are portrayed in the Tudors, they didn't even get to care for their children. 

Now being the King.. that is a whole other post. Since we are past K, we may have to wait until next year.. lol.