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Friday, April 18, 2014

P is for Press.. WordPress, A to Z Challenge

Ok- I fudged that one a little, but it is on my mind. I have been madly setting up my new blog over at http://www.itzybellababy.com/ and have been having a wild ride!

I have my own domain, courtesy of Bluehost and I am pretty pleased.

I have been pretty spoiled with Blogger. I will not lie, it is pretty easy to set up a quick and dirty blog that suits some needs, but for the long run, it seems Wordpress is the way to go. 

I have a lot more options there, and I will own my site and domain. I am thinking that I will be keeping this blog though, just for a bit to see if there are maybe 2 paths to go on at the same time. It can't hurt to diversify right? Plus we don't want to leave http://aliasadog.blogspot.com/ on her own do we? 

Of course I can just take the dog blog with me.. maybe I will. Lol.

So Wordpress- so many things to learn. SO many new plugins to use to enhance the reader's and my experience. I think I could spend days just playing and trying new stuff. 

Have you thought about ditching your blogspot or other freebie site for a fancy one? What was your experience?