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Thursday, April 17, 2014

O is for Outside, A to Z Challenge

Living in Phoenix, we don't get to be outside for as much time as I would like. The sun is brutal, the heat is worse, and I am a wimp.

I also find the number of bees very disturbing at the moment. I swell up a bit when I am stung, and I am terrified that my daughter will be allergic too. At her age, it can be so deadly.

I am also terrified of the Africanized bees that are common at this time of year. They swarm in yards around here and will attack with little provocation. These attacks are rare, knock on wood, but who wants to be the ONE that happens?

In fact, they regularly swarm in a parking lot where I used to work. It would happen several times every year in the spring, and the bee man would just say- wait til they leave.. nothing to do.. blech. I always dreaded that the car would be mine..

At night, we have mosquitos. These I suspect are from the neighbor's pool. We have called the county several times over the years, but they seem to have little interest in eliminating the issue.

We will put up our baby pool in a few weeks, under the shade, but we will generally swim in the evening with citronella on. Smoky. Not that great, but better than bee attacks. It is also cooler.

Maybe someday we will live somewhere a little more outside friendly. I want my daughter to be a little treehugger too!