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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

M is for More, A to Z Challenge

My daughter has some fabulous relatives. She gets quite a few gifts from near and far, for holidays and for birthdays. 

I have such a hard time sometimes managing all the stuff. There always seems to be MORE. I do buy her toys and clothes and such, very rarely full price, and many times used at the consignment store. 

I always feel so weird about getting these plastic toys and such that are to me overpriced, as a gift. I know in time I will see all of these things at the consignment store for pennies on the dollar.. 

I am not advocating used gifts, as I know there is a taboo on such things, but in the end, does my daughter know the difference? Not even a little. I just feel like there is so much waste with kids. The packaging, the resources to constantly produce more things.. all the time.. 

Over the holidays I asked for crafts supplies and such, and I was very pleased that I received so many crayons and paints and papers.. things we consume constantly, but do not feel as being wasteful and overbearing to manage. I also had books on my list since she loves them.

We still ended up with several toys that we just didn't feel like we needed to introduce at the same time. We put them in the closet for later in the year. The closet is getting full...

We have an entire bed full of stuffed animals.. omg. 

We turn things in to the consignment store on a regular basis- mostly clothing, as we had SO much from her fist year. Almost all of that was turned into a bouncey zebra, blocks, a slide, Little People..

I hate to sound ungrateful-the relatives want to give her the best and what she enjoys, but I get overwhelmed...there is just always MORE.. 

How do you manage these things?