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Monday, April 14, 2014

L is for Late A to Z challenge

I used to be a punctual person. In fact I used to be early to most things, just to be certain that I wasn’t late. It seems that since having a baby, and staying home, time moves in a different way and I am almost never on time if I go somewhere with her.

I really don’t care for the lateness. Especially if someone is waiting on me. It makes me feel bad that I have wasted their time, when clearly they were better prepared than I was.

It isn’t that we don’t start out early. It just seems that every time we set off to do something, it ends up taking 3 times longer than I anticipated. I even leave time for that, but toddlers seem to sense this planning and are sure to hose it all up.  

We do try though, and will continue to do so.