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Saturday, April 12, 2014

K is for Kite, A to Z Challenge

On my daughter’s birthday last week, we were lucky enough to have a windy day. The man said to me all week that we need to bring a kite to her birthday park visit. I have to admit I was dubious. 

Wind here is not all that common, and when it is around, it is gusty. Not exactly kite flying weather.

I remembered to bring the kite though. And we go to use it. A lot more than I would have anticipated too. The man got that kite going pretty well on the top of a hill in the park. We watched and took pictures. Then he brought it down to where we  were playing and the baby got to fly it too. She picked up the idea pretty quickly and was having a great time.

The wind died down, but luckily toddlers have short attention spans when there are swings around;)