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Friday, April 11, 2014

J is for Just a minute… A to Z Challenge

One of the things we try to do in our house is be responsive to what our toddler says. I read somewhere that by listening to her attentively, she will understand that we are going to respond to her and it builds trust. When she has a serious issue later in life, we want to make sure she comes to us for help and understanding.

It can be an effort with a toddler. She is a chatterbox. I adore it most times, I really do. I enjoy having her develop new words every day and new ways to express herself and her feelings. I like that she comes to me and wants interaction about her latest find or project. I find myself saying “just a minute” many more times in a day than I care for.

How many just a minutes add up in a day?

A month?

In a lifetime?

Somehow I am betting that as she gets older I will wish to have those toddler minutes back… the 1st graders, the 5th graders and then the teenagers..

All those just a minutes..and what am I doing in those minutes? Dishes? Laundry? Emailling?

Who can say? I am home with her all day and work at home. I blog, I freelance with deadlines. I need to get these things done to earn money so I can stay home with her…but here I am saying just a minute.. and it feels bad.

Sometimes we just can’t help it, and we do need to wait.

But it doesn’t feel any better.