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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

H is for Hockey- A to Z Challenge day 8

Hockey is my favorite sport. 

That is probably an understatement, because really, I don't like other sports.

I might watch something on tv during the Olympics, because that is what you do during the olympics, but is is not like I am going out and buying tickets to other types of sporting events. 

That is just how it is.. lol.

Of course, I like to watch it, but I enjoy playing more. We have tons of rinks in Phoenix, and I have a goal to skate on them all. I am getting there. (well minus the baby hiatus that I am on.)

I am not a great skater. I pass poorly, I shoot even worse. I play defense. Not really that well.. I am barely D league material at my best... but I don't play to win. I play for fun! I scream, jump, push and giggle my way around the ice.. it is hilarious. 

Here I am trying to cause trouble at a tournament. I was playing on 2 teams. It was hilarious. It was like 8 games in 3 days. Ridiculous. 

I used to play 3 on 3 at a place with a half sheet of ice. This was insanity. Here were my line mates. I had the most penalties and goals for awhile. I was trouble. I actually have no shooting skills, but those 2 dudes set me up and I dumped them in. Fun. 

Here I am skating on some NHL ice. It wasn't even my first time.. lol. 

I will get back at the ice in a bit. Need to make sure I have some good health insurance before I start again. I suspect learning to skate will be harder the second time, but I will get there. I have a few years before my daughter can get on the ice, and we intend to play as a family.

 It is going to be insanity!!