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Saturday, April 5, 2014

E is for Excellent, A to Z Challenge day 5

Well, I am into day 5 of this challenge, and I have to say, I am feeling excellent about it. I AM writing in advance of course, but still managing to get in some toddler time, freelance work completed and a tad bit of house cleaning.

I leave that for last you know...

I have been lucky to have an excellent client that I have been doing so many projects for. They have really been the key to keeping me sane while at home, in spite of not being able to get a 9-5 job over the past year.

You all have been excellent to visit my blog, share in my days, and my reviews and giveaways and once in awhile, clicking on my affiliate links and kicking me a little income.  You may be coming from my Facebook communities- MOON or Blogging to Success.. and you are all excellent to participate!

Blogging has been excellent to me by allowing me a little extra income and a little creative release now and again. I enjoy it. I could do this all day really, and sometimes I do.. 

All of the above and more allow me to stay home with this little lady and have excellent days where we can go and play and learn and share.

What is excellent in your day today?