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Thursday, April 3, 2014

D is for Dog Day 4 of A to Z Challenge

I have an odd dog. She is a Basset-German Shepard mix, and is peculiar. 

She has the body of a German and the legs of a Basset. So many people are shocked when she stands up because she just looks so odd.

She has her own blog actually...  http://aliasadog.blogspot.com/ She is a very busy dog..

I love her though. She is extremely good natured. She loves my toddler, and the toddler loves her. As I type this, that toddler is feeding the dog her lunch. 
See how they share? Ritz crackers for all y'all!

Here they are getting into mischief...

I think every kid should be allowed to have a pet. I am sure we will get a cat when my toddler is a little older. They make life so much more exciting!