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Thursday, April 3, 2014

C is for Cat, A to Z challenge day 3

SO here we are on day 3 of the A to Z challenge, and I realize that I am using all the letters from the video in my first post. I can't help it. When I think of C, I DO think of cats.

I used to have 4 cats. I got them all around the same time about 20 years ago. Looking back now, I see that was a mistake. If you are getting pets, DO get more than one, but do NOT get them all at the same age. They tend to die off at the same time. 

To be fair, my cats lived a very long life for some pound and adopted kittens. They were pampered indoor cats for all the time they were with me. They were well fed, and spoiled. I mean- I bought furniture based on them spoiled. They had claws, and loved to use them.. I made changes to accommodate this. I loved them!

So at 16 years I lost my first kitten to kidney disease related issues. At 17 years I lost the next one, at 18- the next... then I got pregnant with my daughter. My last and favorite kitten got sick. He had diabetes- for about 5 years, which was very well controlled for most of his life. But he got sick a few months before my daughter was born. 

He got vet treatment, but the vet wasn't optimistic about his chances. 19 is a lot for a cat with diabetes. Especially one with kidney issues. I asked that cat to stick around, just until the baby was born. He got better. The next day. It was bizarre. 

He was great for several months, until he finally took a turn and he lost his fight. 

I miss him every day. I swear he held on because I asked him to, and once the baby was there and established, he felt he could go. 

He was the best cat ever. 

I want to have a cat for my daughter, but I am just not ready yet. Not yet.