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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

B is for Ball, A to Z Challenge Day 2

We are on a pretty tight budget over here at Itzybellababy, as a result of my staying home with toddler for the past 2 years (OMG 2!!!!!)

I was pretty excited to get a gift card in the mail for Sport Chalet a few weeks ago, but kept thinking what the heck will I get? I am not playing hockey at the moment, and when I used to shop their a lot, it was for snowboarding stuff ( and I hated snowboarding- anyone want to buy some big boots, a helmet and some goggles? lol) so I wasn't sure what to get.

I wandered about for a few minutes and realized they had a big wire box of playground balls.. my daughter has a little plastic pool that we filled with balls last year. She loves it. We have balls of all sizes and shapes in there- whenever I see something cool and cheap I pick it up.. the pool is full.

I ended up seeing this giant playground ball and couldn't pass it up...

( that link will take you to Amazon where I have an affiliate link, I did not get compensated to post this, but if you click and buy I will receive a little something.)

She has been playing with it nonstop. She carries it from room to room, which is pretty funny, because she isn't really able to carry it from room to room. She asks us to bounce it, which amazes her. She tries to do the same. She squeals. 

Definitely a great purchase for her!