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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A to Z Challenge extra love list

I noticed there is a special list on the http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/p/blogs-with-followers-a-z-challenge-is.html A to Z challenge list.  These are blogs with less than 100 followers, and they need a little extra love.

I plan to try to visit all of these every day to see their offerings, and if you are playing along with the A to Z challenge, you should try the same. So many great blogs to discover!

Ananya Tales:  http://ananyatales.blogspot.com/

Earth Laughs in Flowers:  http://smallbluegreenflowers.wordpress.com/

So This is 40. Really:  sothisis40-really.blogspot.com.au

The Cyborg Mom:  www.thecyborgmom.blogspot.com 

Drew Llew:  Drewllew.wordpress.com

Wabi Sabi Wife:  http://wabisabiwife.com/

Texas Playwright Chick:   http://www.playwrightchick.com/ 

Story Crossings:  http://www.storycrossings.com/blog/ 
Chatter from the Mongoose Den:  http://mongoosechatter.blogspot.com

The Word Trance:  http://thewordtrance.wordpress.com/

Melanie's Stories:  melaniecrousesblog.blogspot.com 

k2's k9s and kitties:  http://www.k2k9.blogspot.com

Natasha'z Words:  http://natashazwords.blogspot.in/

Organization and Inspiration for Fellow Writers: 

In My Playroom:  http://in-my-playroom.blogspot.co.uk

Flowerchild Designs:  http://flowerchilddesigns.wordpress.com/

Leanne Ross Read Faced:  readfaced.wordpress.com

The New Remembrance:  http://www.thenewremembrance.blogspot.com

My Third Eye:   http://cameramythirdeye.blogspot.com

Story Teller:  http://vikaskhair.blogspot.com 

Laughing at Life, 2:  http://laughingatlife232.blogspot.com/

The Dancing Gypsy:  http://dancinggypsysoul.blogspot.com

Eclectic Odds n' Sods: http://eclecticoddsnsods.com

The Absurd Island: http://aasinabsurd.blogspot.com

Oh Snap!: http://shutterbug-rajlakshmi.blogspot.com.au

Sign of the Times: http://hayleyhare.blogspot.com

Julie Luek:  http://julieluek.blogspot.com

True Wanderings: http://truewanderings.blogspot.com

Little Big Girl: http://littlebiggirl06.blogspot.com

Bemuzin: http://bemuzin.com

Editorial Stand Blog: http://editorialstand.co.uk/blog/

A Blog or Something Similar: http://aziadupont.blogspot.com

All Things Kevyn

Let's Get Personal If You May!

My Daily Disaster

Thoughts and Ideas from Deannie Humphrys-Dunne - http://www.dhdunne.blogspot.com

Dreaming of Publication - 

Fanny Barnes Thornton - http://fannybarnesthornton.blogspot.com

Anything but Ordinary - http://suneethadasariblog.blogspot.com

Suzanne’s Tribe - http://suzannes-tribe.blogspot.com

Yeakley/Jones Family History - http://yeakleyjones.blogspot.com

Life, Yoga and Other Adventures - http://juliathorley.blogspot.com

Warped Nerdiversity - http://warpednerdiversity.blogspot.com

Lynne Lives - http://lynnelives.wordpress.com

Life of a Woman - http://prernanayak.blogspot.in

Midlist Writer - http://www.midlistwriter.blogspot.com

Refractions and Reflections - http://refractionsandreflections.blogspot.com

Words from Sonobe - http://wordsfromsonobe.wordpress.com

Suzi’s Ice Box Art!- http://swskeels.blogspot.com

Tasha’s Thinkings - http://tashasthinkings.blogspot.co.uk

Sophie’s Thoughts and Fumbles - http://sophiesthoughtsandfunmbles.blogspot.co.uk

From the Market to the Plate - http://fromthemarkettotheplate.blogspot.com

Growing Our Food - http://foodgardeningsa.blogspot.com

The Faux Fountain Pen - http://thefauxfountainpen.blogspot.com

Scouring Monk - http://mouldwarp.blogspot.com

The Multicolored Diary - http://multicoloreddiary.blogspot.com

Snapshots of Life - http://www.tkander.blogspot.com

Untethered Realms - http://untetheredrealms.blogspot.com

The Musings of a Hopeful and Percunious Wordsmith - http://www.myownwritersnook.blogspot.com

Haiku Corner - http://haiku-corner.blogspot.com/

The Wicked Writer - http://thewickedwriter.blogspot.ie

J Q Rose, Author - http://www.jqrose.com

Service From Heart - http://servicefromheart.blogspot.com

Thomas Weaver - http://northofandover.wordpress.com/

Majk Ink - http://safireblade.com/category/blog/

Julie 2 Jules http://julie2jules.blogspot.com/

Still Writing - http://jeoneil.blogspot.com/ 

Foreign Feasts - http://www.foreignfeasts.com

ImWritingThisVC  --http://imwritingthisvc.blogspot.com/
- See more at: http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/p/blogs-with-followers-a-z-challenge-is.html#sthash.DnkYzAMJ.dpuf