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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A is for Apple.. a a apple A to Z Challenge, day 1

What a funny way to start the A to Z challenge. 

My daughter recently discovered an intense love for this video on Youtube.

( I am currently hiding my laptop screen from her so she can't see it. )

She wants to see this as many times as I can stand to watch it. She recently started reciting parts.. we can actually go through all the letters and ask her the word that goes with it, and she knows them. 

She can't actually sing yet, but I suspect it is coming, and this will be the first choice to really belt out. I think she will know the alphabet in a few weeks. It is so amazing to me how quickly their little minds pick things up around them. This goes for things you want to hear again, and a few you don't.

The thing we are guilty of is yelling at the dog when she is outside barking. The dog can hear us, but frankly if the neighbor dog is out, there is little that is stopping her. She never used to bark until that dog came to town ( unless a person was near the house or fence- which is ok for me.)

So one day I hear barking, and before I can shout out for the dog to shut up- there is a little voice saying- SHUTTTY YUP. I felt 2 inches tall. It was really cute the way she said it, but I didn't care for the way it sounded. We stopped saying it.

We try very hard to be gentle with our daughter, but we were not demonstrating this with the way we spoke to our dog. We never spank- not the dog, not the baby. Yelling at the dog on the other hand.. bad choice for us. 

I read from another parenting site that if we see our kid doing something we don't like, it is just a mirror being held up to us. We learn. Hopefully early enough!