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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Zulily deals for 4/30 Coach! Green Toys!

How did I miss this in my email this week? I see #coach! I see Green Toys! 
Better be shopping fast, as these deals will be gone pretty fast I am sure.

PRIVATE SALE ALERT: 50% Off Reebok CrossFit Gear

More great deals from Reebok today- Check them out!

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 


PRIVATE SALE ALERT: 50% Off Reebok CrossFit Gear 

TODAY ONLY! Reebok is hosting an exclusive CrossFit sale where you can get 50% off on select CrossFit items for a limited time. 
Use the code: CF50 at checkout to get your discount. Happy shopping! 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Z is for Zilch, A to Z Challenge

Z is for zilch. It is the end of the A to Z Challenge and I feel as though I have zilch left to write about!

It has been a challenge- no doubt- to write 26 posts for 2 blogs. But I think it has also been rewarding to see that I can do it. ( I was also starting up my new hosted site as well- http://www.itzybellababy.com)

I have had some very nice comments from you guys, and I am happy you found something interesting to read. I got to read some very nice blogs as well. I endeavored to read as many as I could each day, and it was a fun experience. 

I am pretty sure I will be engaging in future challenges. It is a great way to build up an audience and to read a lot of different perspectives than I would normally seek out. 

So thanks for playing along, and stay tuned for more!

Yummy Cinnamon Rolls and a Review of Baker's Mat

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Boogie Board Sync 9.7 Giveaway

Boogie Board Sync 9.7 Giveaway

Monday, April 28, 2014

Y is for YIKES! and yellow A to Z Challenge

Today Y is for YIKES! and yellow.

I sat down to wrap up the challenge, and wrote up my posts, and even my farewell post for this challenge.

As I was adding a post on some deals from Reebok, I realized that I had completely forgotten the letter Y!


So now- here I am, scurrying to get this last post together. I could not think of a suitable topic, other than one that expressed my dismay.

Instead, I will show you a picture. This picture is a yellow daffodil. I purchased my daughter a handful of these gorgeous flowers on her birthday. I suspect this was her first official flower purchase, and that is an interesting milestone to me. It will not be the last, as she adored having these on the table while we ate our birthday snacks. She kept smelling them, and commenting on them. Eventually I had to give her one to hold and smell up close.

She was very gentle and didn't so much as bend the delicate little thing. They lasted a long time, which seems to be unusual for most flowers we buy in Phoenix. They must have been very fresh!

Nordic Naturals Review and Giveaway- Baby's DHA and Prenatal DHA

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

When I saw a review pop up for Nordic Naturals, I had to apply. I was very happy to get accepted too!

I was also extremely excited when I got my package from Nordic Naturals. They sent the 2 products to review, as well as an awesome bag of swag. There were samples of chews, other types of tablets etc. and stickers! My daughter went insane for the stickers. I loved all the fun stuff to try- there was even a sample for my dog! 

(note- stickers were removed by toddler immediately)

It is no doubt the reason they are the #1 seller of fish oil products in the US!

They sent a very informative packet with the samples. I really like this about the company. They really would like an informed customer for their product. Not just a person to pop pills and not understand. They want you to make a good choice based on information, not a fad! Their website links to several studies on the benefits of the oils, sustainability and testing results.

Their focus on this review campaign is to educate new mothers on the value and health benefits of DHA. 

Great deals on photos and gifts at York Photo

Mother's Day is coming up. Have you printed all those cute spring and Easter baby pictures yet? 

You haven't? 

It is time.

Lumenx mountable bicycle light review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

I was asked to review a Lumenx mountable bicycle light, and I was pretty excited.  

We have bikes that we would love to ride at night, when it is cooler, but we never got a light to help make it happen. What a great opportunity! ( Phoenix can be over 90 even at night, so daytime riding is out for us!)

Bicycle safety is so important, especially at night. People drive like they own the road, so bikers always need to protect themselves the best they can. Helmets, and visibility are going to be the best items to use. Having more than one light- one to see ahead, and one so people can see you from behind is so important. 

In our neighborhood we also have wildlife to contend with. Coyotes come out at night and patrol the neighborhood for small animals (and lately they like small dogs a lot.) It can be scary if you can't see them. Now you can!

$20 Off Graduation Stationery Orders of $49+ - 3 Days Only!

Tiny Prints Graduation Stationery Sale

Minecraft tees are at Crazy 8 for just $14.88!

FTC Disclosure Statement: This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 

My daughter isn't old enough for video games yet, but all I hear from the parents of older kids is how much they love to play Minecraft. I am sure lots of their kids would love to wear t-shirts from their favorite game!

Minecraft themed tees at Crazy 8 only $14.88! 
Minecraft Steve The Miner TeeMinecraft Creeper TeeMinecraft Creepers Gonna Creep TeeMinecraft Creeper Tee
Minecraft is the hottest kids game out there, and now, the much anticipated tees are available at Crazy 8 for just $14.88! These tees are sure to be a favorite and on the top of our kid's summer wardrobe list. 

Don't let this amazing deal creep by! 

X is for Xylophone A to Z Challenge

We have family music hour here at our house. We have 2 boxes of musical toys and we all sit in the living room and bang away on xylophones, drums, wooden blocks and other percussion instruments.

We had a set of bongos, but as it turns out, ours broke in a more vigorous session. I was pretty bummed about this, as I would sometimes be able to get that toddler to dance while playing them. We will be shopping for a new and sturdier set soon. I like many, but getting the right price is key.

The xylophone is always a favorite though. We got it at a consignment store for $2 and have been playing it long before the baby could. It has been a lot of fun and rather satisfying. It is a nice wooden models and it clearly has been loved by more than one family. 

Darice 1177-06 11.5-Inch Xylophone

It seems as though we are always adding to our our collection, and the boxes we keep the supplies in keep getting bigger. My daughter got a toy piano for Christmas, and we will eventually add that to music time when she can handle it- right now she is kind of rough with it, so I am keeping out of reach for the moment.

It is a good time for all of us. Banging on drums, banging blocks and cymbals. It is a very therapeutic session for us all!

Here are a few of the items we bought:

First Note FN210 Firstnote Finger Cymbals

NINO Plastic Egg Shaker Assortment of 4 Pieces Blue, Green, Red & Yellow

Trophy Triangle 5 Inch

8" Rhythm Sticks, Pair

Hohner Kids Musical Toys S2203 Percussion Blocks

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Reebok Outlet 24 Hour Sale: 24% Off Already Discounted Items

If you are watching the NHL hockey playoffs, I  KNOW you will be needing some new gear. Check out the latest sale from Reebok- they have some incredible deals and are offering more discounts on top of that.

Check it out!

Reebok- Men's Philadelphia Flyers NHL Long Sleeve Long Sleeve Tops L54503 Orange/Black/White NHL_LONGSLEEVE_FLYERS_1Reebok- Men's Phoenix Coyotes NHL Tee Short Sleeve Tops L69032 Red/Black/Grey NHL_TEAMTEE_COYOTES_2Reebok- Men's Pittsburgh Penguins NHL Polo Short Sleeve Tops Y57002 Black NHL_POLO_PENGUINSReebok- Men's Toronto Maple Leafs NHL Tee Short Sleeve Tops L53815 Blue NHL_TEAMTEE_MAPLELEAFS

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Reebok Outlet 24 Hour Sale: 24% Off Already Discounted Items

On Monday 4/28, the clock starts ticking on a killer sale — the Reebok Outlet 24 Hour Sale! For just one whole day, Reebok Outlet is giving an additional 24% off on their already discounted items.

The Outlet has just been stocked with new selections: NHL team gear, running shoes, workout wear and more... all perfect gifts for Mother's and Father's Day.

Just be sure to hit the sale between 12:00am - 11:59pm EST on 4/28 and type in the code 24OFF at checkout to get in before the deal runs out. 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

W is for The Walking Dead, A to Z Challenge Day 23

Sheesh, I am writing these posts out in advance, if anyone wondered. I think it is the only way to really get them all in and do my regular thing every day with the toddler..

So why Walking Dead? Well, I am sitting down about to watch the season finale. I happen to love this show. I am addicted. I am no different than other fans! 

Why do I love it so much? I love post apocalyptical stories. I like to see people pushed to the limit and maintain their humanity. I like adventure and I simply ADORE Daryl Dixon.

I have become an entire Norman Reedus fan. It is out of control. My daughter knows who Daryl is. I have a pic of him in my sewing room, and when we talk about the other pictures on the wall and name the people, she knows who he is. She doesn't watch the show of course. She is really starting to process what she watches, and she gets scared looking at Donald Duck in one of her shows where his eyes are all googly. 

It is kind of funny that she doesn't like it. She looks away. She knows it is coming, and she hides her head on me. She asks for that show though, so she still gets to watch it. 

I digress. Walking Dead. OMG. I can watch this show for hours on end. In fact, thanks to Netflix, that is exactly what I did. HA! I love Netflix!

The characters are intense. The plot is changing every episode, and they are not afraid to kill people off, even if they are beloved by the fans. ( as I sit here I certainly hope they don't axe Daryl in the finale.. or I am gonna riot.. LOL)

Summer is going to be hard without the show. Luckily I have some Netflix to catch up on.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Weekend Sales at One Kings Lane 4-25

I don't know what all of you have planned for the weekend, but if I had the pool in this picture below, I would be out swimming in it.  Then I would be drinking margaritas next to that pool. 

okay okay

I don't have a pool... but there are plenty of great looking items in the upcoming sales at One Kings Lane. Go check it out. And you can shop with a margarita in your hand right in your living room...  

PRIVATE SALE ALERT: 50% Off Reebok CrossFit Gear

The last time I posted a deal from Reebok I had a lot of you clicking and shopping- let us try again with an even better deal!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Music Tag Tutorial

I recently got a few awesome stamps at Joanns, and decided that the best way to use them, would be tags. Here is the way I made them.

Please note- I am not using all the fancy suggested tools to make my tags. I try to limit what I spend, as I am not close to turning any profit on my endeavors.. maybe later I will get a more varied toolbox..

Dusting Powder, minus the talc thank you!

Have you ever wished that you had a product that could help you feel cooler in the sweaty summers? 

Have I got the item for you- a refreshing dusting powder! First lets talk about why good old fashioned baby powder is a no no these days- Talc! All the information out today shows that talc is not good for us- not to breathe and not on our skin, and especially not in the genital area. 

 Don't just take my word for it- read these article: http://www.preventcancer.com/consumers/cosmetics/talc.htm 

I will admit, I have found some conflicting articles online stating that talc is not a lung hazard, but still a genital hazard... frankly, why take a chance? Using food based ingredients is safer and buying from a large corporate source, lets you know that wholesome ingredients are used. 

 Try the Itzybellababy dusting powder, made of cornstarch and arrowroot powder as a base. All natural essential oils add the fun and "flavor." I sell these in an awesome stainless steel flour shaker, that is refillable with our powders on Etsy.


V is for Violin, and Cello A to Z Challenge

I have a friend that I have played hockey with for years. He has a variety of odd talents, in my opinion, for a hockey player. The oddest - he plays cello and violin. He plays them in short videos on Facebook for all of us to enjoy.

Now, he is beginning on cello, and more advanced on violin, so the videos are of differing quality, but for some reason my toddler LOVES to watch these videos. More so the cello....

She will sit and watch them for as long as I can stand it. She will say- MORE. If it is cello she says MORE CHAY YO. ( she is not so good with l's yet.)

She has seen this person "live" a few times, but she was pretty young, so I am not sure she understands that it is that guy playing. I am not sure what the attraction is at all. I have tried to play videos of professionals playing violin and cello, and she is not interested.  

The friend is going to be doing a performance in the next month or so, and I intend to bring the toddler to see this. After all, he needs an audience, and my daughter is his biggest fan.  We shall see if the "real thing" is as interesting!

I am thinking of getting a t-shirt printed or something.. lol. Maybe one of these?



U is for Underwear A to Z Challenge

My daughter has a book about potty training. I am not ready to start potty training, but sometimes when she picks that book to read she expresses interest in the potty and also in underwear. I decided to once in awhile put her on the potty, and she has varying degrees of success. She peed on the floor once. It was kind of funny. We aren't ready as I say..

However, I did want to get her some underwear as that seems to be interesting to her, and they are shown as a reward in the book she is reading. I don't think we will be doing rewards per say, but I did think it might be motivating to her.

So I started researching training pants. I remember them as a child- white thick cotton underpants. Nothing fancy, just plain old white, and I do not remember if the boys and girls were even different.

I realize that a lot of parents are using the disposable type pants but we are cloth diaperers so it didn't make a lot of sense to start with those being disposable. I am not even sure when we will actually start training, so I didn't want to spend a bundle on the underwear anyway,as she may be in a different size.

I am maddened at the lack of training pants in stores. In fact, there is only one brand and model per gender at a store I usually shop at. They are these

Gerber Training Pants 3T Girl 6 pack 32-35 pounds 2012

and these

Gerber Baby-Boys Infant 4 Pack Sports Training Pant, Blue, 18 Months.

Now these are nice and I did buy a set. In the boys colors. I am not a fan of pink, and I am not buying pink underwear. Why can't there be something else? White for example. 

When I started looking at the bigger kids underpants it was the same. Pink and princesses. My daughter likes Mickey Mouse, but apparently if you don't have male parts, THOSE underpants are not for you.

I get frustrated. Even when I was a kid there were very few options for something in between the 2 stereotypical products ( past the training pants anyway.) 

I loved Star Wars, but until Underoos came out it was flowers and pink for me.  Certainly in 30 some odd years we have advanced? No, in fact we have gone the other direction. Genders are even more separated by their undies.. lol.

 It is going to be a frustrating couple of years buying clothes isn't it?