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Sunday, March 23, 2014

WOW- A little bit of email highjacking can ruin your week

So, for those of you not on my Facebook page, I got my email and complete computer hijacked this week. Still very busy trying to sort out the issues, and battling to get access back on my primary email account. 

It is maddening. I have had the same email account for over 10 years, and I keep a lot of sentimental type stuff in my account. I am guilty of not always backing up that sort of thing, and I fear some of it may be gone forever. 

I do try to be cautious online and I have several anti-virus software packages installed, but apparently they were all defeated, as they still show no issue with my computer. I know this is a lie, as the hackers were able to get into one account after another as I was trying to shut them down. They were obviously recording every key stroke. I am not even sure I am safe now. Still trying to figure it all out. 

I feel pretty violated, and basically just angry at the way my online life was basically taken away from me in seconds. If this was a person physically entering your house and doing these things you would have more ways to recover, more support. All I have is an email from one account or other saying something might get back in my account someday. Online reports that I have read pretty much say it is possible my accounts are gone forever. 

I would like to report there are things to do to stop this, but I did all that stuff and still got hacked, so I have no advice. Sigh......

ps- if you are the hacker and are reading this.. I am sure you are going to have your way with my account.. but just give it back when you are done, ok?