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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wordless Wednesday 3-26

My daughter has never really been a fan of her crib. She slept in a car seat a lot as an infant, or on me. Life was complicated and days were long with little sleep.. for a year. 

At one point I realized she just wanted to be near me, and we began cosleeping in our king size bed. When she began crawling we had to stop because I was afraid she would launch out of the bed. We ended up setting up a little cosleeping nest in her bedroom on the floor- a crib mattress pushed up against a twin mattress for me. We have slept that way for almost a year now. It was bliss. She sleeps all night now, and I am free to nurse her as she needs- which is really at nap and bedtime and once in the early morning. No one gets up, we nurse and then sleep.

Well, we have had rattlesnakes in our house in the spring in the past. It is that season, and I decided it was time to try the toddler bed. We have taken many measures to get rid of them, and I haven't seen one in a while, but I really was not going to take a chance with her on the floor...

Yesterday she skipped her naptime, so bed time was a little earlier and she was exhausted. She nursed, had a bottle and went to sleep in about 2 minutes flat. No fuss. Nothing. I was sad. 

I felt a little redeemed at the attempted naptime today- she kept going back and forth between the twin bed with me and her bed. She never did settle for a nap. I did get my snuggles though.  

So there she is. Asleep. She is NOT asleep now. Was really hoping for that nap....