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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday mornings

Today feels like a great Saturday.  I realize that I haven't posted anything about us in awhile, decided it was time!

Toddler woke up and asked for hugs and kisses at 7 am, and went back to sleep. Close to me. Under my blanket.

The man nuggled me and then changed a toddler stinky diaper, and then made french toast for me.

He then set off to do some much needed yard work. Toddler plays while I do some work and blogging. Dog is super cute.

The toddler dragged this into the living room , after putting on her tutu. It cracks me up.

I did some laundry.. I have a few things that have been outgassing bad smells in the yard, and decided to try dish soap on them, and this happened. Yea, I know you aren't supposed to do that. But it gets a lot of the chemical smell out, and I assume that means it is getting the chemical out..

It is a hot one in Phoenix, 86 is going to be the high, but I suspect we will be indoors for most of it.. might need the AC later...

Just a regular day, nothing exciting, but very satisfying.

Now back to work.. I have several freelance presentations to edit, and they are calling my name!