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Monday, February 24, 2014

Glow Bug Cloth Diaper Review and Giveaway

I posted a tweet a little while back about cloth diapering. I had a response from a dear reader that said she loved Glow Bug Diapers. For some reason, I had not tried them before. I decided to shoot them an email to see if I might get a hold of one to try out and review. They said yes! FABULOUS!!
They asked if I wanted a girl or boy theme, and I said anything you want to send except pink, since you all know we aren't into pink here.

I received the diaper in the mail, and I noted it was shipped from Arizona. Yay Arizona! ( ya know I am in Phoenix right?)

Anyway, it was black and white houndstooth. We happen to have a red and black houndstooth outfit. (Note- toddler spilled lunch on the shirt so we ended up with just the pants.. )

So this is the bum with the diaper and pants. It is a trim look! We ended up stuffing it with the insert it came with and another microfiber insert. She is a heavy wetter, especially after lunch. 

Here she is trying to take off her pants. Kind of look like legwarmers, which makes me think that is what will happen to them when they are too small.

Up close.. and with torn up tissues. Her fave...

And the front. 
She is a tall baby with a little post lunch pooch, but generally she is a pretty average kid.

Here is the inside of the diaper. I had not seen this type of pocket before. It is accessible from both sides of the diaper, but with the little strip in the center there to hold it in place. I was not sure how I felt about it at first, since it was new, but it is really neither here nor there. 

Here is a loon at the front, fully unbuttoned of course, as my daughter is a toddler. This has a lot of adjustments and I can see this easily fitting a tiny baby through toddlerhood. Always a nice feature.

Here is the back view.

Here is the back of the dipe with the 2 inserts in it (don't mind my red fuzz.. lol) You can really fit a lot in here and that is what we need around these parts.

Here is the front pocket. I like these little flaps. I have tried pockets without them, and it never keeps the stuffing in unless you have the flaps. Great design.

So how do they work? I prepped them like I would any other diapers. Washed several times in a Rockin Green, rinsed a lot. And then washed the insert some more. I am very paranoid about inserts, so I was the heck out of them.. 

They came out looking great of course. 

The moment of truth had arrived. As I noted- the first use of the diaper was for the after lunch pee. She drinks a bunch, and if you cam hold up to that, you can do anything. 

All was well.

The first time I used the snaps, I had a little adjustment to make in my brain about how to snap them best. They are a bit of a different design than I am used to. I snapped too tight. So my little lady had a bit of an elastic mark. The next time I did them up she was fine. Not really any big deal. 

They really have a trim fit to them. A lot of my other diapers are thick and wide, and can be impossible to fit pants over. This design holds it in and smaller pants can be worn!

After a few washes, the inside lining looked great, no piling or anything like that. I did notice we had some staining one day, but I will add that we had stains from a couple diapers that day. I want to say blueberries are too blame. I suspect that will come out with a little bit of attention from some soap.. 

Overall, I am very happy with the way the diaper has held up and performed. I would suggest you take a look if you are considering pocket diapers. They have some fantastic package deals, with some super cute colors.   

Thank you so much to Glow Bug diapers for sending me a sample to try. I know we will be beating this diaper up for some time to come!

Also check them out on Facebook and Twitter for contests, news and cute fluffy bums!

You want to win a diaper? Enter here! Glow Bug will give one lucky winner a free diaper!

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