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Monday, February 24, 2014

Flannel Un-Paper Towels

So I finally got a little break from all my freelancing and stole a little sewing room time. I had purchased a plastic snap plier set to convert some aplix diapers to snaps and I had a few other things to work on..

I had a bit of a set back while working on a mama cloth pad.. I thought I broke the pliers.

As it turned out I broke the die, and it was replaceable. I bought more online. I then realized I had extras, so I was back in business.. Decided to finish this long running project that I was working on, which was these purple flannel un paper towels.

I figured this was a good way to practice using the snap pliers before I set out to use them on the Flip diapers. I love my Flips, and I didn't want to ruin them! Good thing I practiced. There is a learning curve!

However, I am very pleased with the end result. 

It is basically 2 sheets of flannel, any size, sewn together, turned inside out and topstitched again to close the end. 

Somethings I learned:

1. Use a template. Follow it.
2. Don't try to set too many snaps in a row. It hurts the hands.. might be better to sew a few, do snaps and go back. 
3. Test the snaps. Sometimes if you don't set them right, they have to be done over. 

4. Use a zig zag stitch for top stitching. The straight stitched ones did not wash as well. Will use them for un tissues;)

5. Do the snaps before you wash the fabric if you can. 

I am happy to say they are awesome!  I gained confidence to do the diaper. The first one looks a little crooked, but it will be functional!