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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Check out- "American Childbirth: A Human Rights Failure?"

If you haven't read this article, I highly suggest you do. We can do so much better for labor and delivery in this country.We have been taking steps back in health and safety for years, and the finger pointing and guilt towards mothers is overwhelming.


I was insanely fortunate enough to have my baby at a birth center here in Phoenix. No interventions and no significant issues for us.

We were very lucky.

My original OB was bullying me at my first appointment (before I found the birth center.) She insisted I would have preeclampsia and a scheduled c-section, and I hadn't even had an exam yet.. this was all based on my age and weight. It was ridiculous to me. I fired her! 

Were you bullied during a birth? Were you told you needed interventions to save your babies life? Do you feel that you were threatened to take action? Leave a comment.