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Monday, January 6, 2014

Rockin Green for Hard Water

You may have heard me whine about how hard Phoenix water is.. it is miserably so. 

We wash our adult clothes with vinegar to get them clean. 

We use a special dishwashing soap for the dishwasher. 

We soak our faucets in lemon juice and vinegar.. we have hard water..

So cloth diapers are not a fan of hard water. You can't just do what everyone else does and expect to get a clean diaper. I read a lot of reviews and ended up trying Rockin Green for the dipes. I will admit, the first purchase I made was not impressive to me... but as it turns out it wasn't their hard water formula. I made the switch to that, and have not looked back.

If you are washing fluff, I highly suggest it. Will you still need to strip dipes sometimes, yes. You will also need an occasional soak. But the Hard Rock soap is the one to use.

They have many "flavors" but they don't linger in the diaper, so to me, it doesn't really matter which one you get, they all wash the same. I ended up buying about 4 bags of the ginger scent over Christmas on sale.. but meh- I won't mind using it for a few months.. lol.

I was pretty excited to see an email from Rockin Green this morning to be an affiliate of their products. What does that mean? If you click the link below and make a purchase, I get a small percentage back. Does this bias my opinion? Not one bit.. since I have been using their soap for about a year now!