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Monday, January 13, 2014

My Stash, My Stash, My Lovely Diaper Stash.

Ok- it seems like everyone that ever uses cloth needs a picture of their stash. I regret I never got to take pix of the newborn dipes we used. I have since sold them on ebay, and kind of wish I had saved that memory! Ahh, but the foggy days with the newborn.. I wasn't thinking about later!

To be fair though, as an almost 12 pound newborn, she did not wear those dipes for long. At all. But they were still worth it, as I was getting the hang of mamahood, and cloth diapering in general. They were sweet little all in ones that I tossed in the washer. Usually after being worn for a bout a whole 5 minutes.. They really did get a lot of uses out of them in a short amount of time. We had 3 or 4 if I recall, and they got washed a few times a day. We started working into the Flips and such later. For being such a big baby, she really never had chubby legs.. so it was a little while before the Flips were our fave. 

So this is our current stash, minus a Dr. Suess diaper that is on her bum, and I think a few Bum Genius pockets in the wash plus a Buttons Diaper that is in more pix later. So we have 9 Flips, 1 Cocalo, 1 Kawaii pocket and 2 Bum Genius pockets. 

The top view. Our Flips are a mix of velcro ( aplix) and snaps. Initially I liked velcro better, but since I wasn't good about taking care of it ( close your velcro strips before washing!) my velcro wore out and was yucky. I have replaced most of the strips ( Thanks to Bum Genius for sending new kits) myself. It isn't hard, since I sew and the velcro is pre-cut and such.

This is the inside of the Cocalo. That is the Earth diaper you see above. I love the logo on it, and it washes pretty well, but we had an issue with the velcro not being long enough. I added some, and POOF, it works pretty well now. This diaper comes in sizes, and I got the large, which I think will fit her a long time to come. The inside design is a bit weird to me still, and it is limiting. The insert that came with it is not enough for toddler pees, so we end up stuffing some bamboo inserts on top. They are hard to fit inside, but the dipe has not leaked with this set up. We just keep a closer eye on her in this dipe. 

This is a Flip with a Gerber prefold and a Flip organic nightime insert underneath. I would love to have the cash to buy all Flip inserts, but we really are able to make do with about 6 which we use for naps and night diapering. We really mix everything up for other times.

The green diaper is the inside if a Button diaper. I received that one for free to review here. After using it longer, I kind of wish it was a little longer. My toddler is long, and this is very well made, and absorbent, but with the 2 inserts in it that it came with, it is too short for her to wear. One insert at a time is ok for daytime use though, so we can still use it awhile.

These are the same diapers, on the other side. The pink Kawaii was one I got free with purchase on some Flips. It is well made, and great for poops. You can stuff a lot in it, but the elastic is a little stretched now, so there is some gapping. Have to keep pants on her when she wears it.

This is the inside of a Bum Genius pocket. As you can see, my velcro is not in good shape, but it is still usable. I add that little cotton liner to these just to help clean them for poo. It is easier for me that way. It also adds a little more absorbency. I never feel like these can hold enough to be a night dipe, as they leak when stuffed too much. So these are day dipes, and poop dipes. 

I have an entire laundry basket of inserts. I use the microfiber inserts that came with the Flips and Bum Genius, but I usually wrap them in flat diapers. I got a huge diaper cake of flats, and didn't know what to do with them- so I make it up! To keep those soft, I have a few bamboo inserts that I place on top so they are against her skin. I have some random cotton and bamboo liners, some odd inserts I got that are long and thin, I think they are cotton and something else. I also have the Flip organic inserts like I mentioned. Those will always be my favorites I think.

The key for us really has been that we have so much variety that we have been able to change our techniques as the baby has grown. A little stuffing at first, and more as she gets older. A lot of trial and error for some time. I think we have our system down pretty well now. Although some days I wish we had some more covers to extend wash day. We really have plenty of inserts though. For under $300 though we have gotten a lot of use out of what we have, and have saved SO much money on diapers. 

The next phase will be keeping diapers around that will still fit her as she gets bigger. She is so tall, that we are going to be retiring some dipes here in the next few months, and have to decide if we need more or not. Potty training is coming! The Flips can be converted into training pants, so we are looking forward to that time. Sort of. I love her fluffy bum!

I am open to trying any new diapers and reviewing them if there are any companies out there that are interested. I love new fluff! I also love knowing that when we are finished diapering, that all of these dipes will have resale value and some other family can enjoy them.
I have a whole string of projects lined up for the inserts as well.. mama cloth, swiffer covers.. cleaning.. ahh.. the list goes on!

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