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Monday, December 2, 2013

Toddlers and a Christmas tree

Yea, so a very curious toddler and a Christmas tree are not a good combo. I had the feeling that this was true, but everyone gave me so much grief about not having a tree that we decided to get a 4 footer and just put plastic ornaments on it.

So- the result- day 2- tree has toppled onto her. Tree has been redecorated several times. And she has broken 2 ornaments.. plastic and clay. Nothing too serious of course,but still a pain. She also keeps dropping ornaments into the dog's crate. The dog is not impressed by this at all. I am not either!

Would I suggest this to anyone else? No. My daughter is very curious and loves to get into everything. There is no way this is a good idea. 

Is your toddler better at this? Maybe. But I have to say, I do not like having to sit her and tell her no over and over again.  It is not fair to her to put something like this in her reach and deny her over and over. 

We childproof. We try to keep bad things away from her so we don't have to constantly tell her she is doing something wrong. This is no different. At least when she is older we can use the tree-- probably in her own room.. lol.