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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ikea run for supplies today and accompanying misadventures

We had a little trip planned to see the baby's Great Grandparents early today and drop off some Christmas cards I made for them, and it just so happened that they are on the side of town that Ikea is. That is about 35 miles away for us, so an Ikea trip is a rare treat.. just like visits to the grandparents. So what a great day we had planned. 

First issue started early this morning. One of the family members had some medical issues, so they had to cancel our lunch. Bummer. We decided to check in a few hours later, and ask if we should just drop off the cards and go on with the day. They said ok, so we set out. 

As we are driving up the street to check the mail before leaving, Daddah tells me that the instrument panel isn't working on the car, and as we stop to get the mail, he couldn't turn off the car.. he tried to stick the keys in, and they got stuck! ( I drive a Prius and it has keyless entry etc. ) So I start googling on my phone, and read that some people have this issue when their car gets cold, and they take it to the dealer, and spend a bunch of money, but the problem clears up on its own. Ok... they also say to depress the start button several seconds to turn the car off, and that works.

So we try to decide what to do. We opted to return a dryer lint cleaner to his Dad. It is close to the house, and will give the car a chance to warm up, but we are still close to home. No dice. 

Then we decide that we can chance the drive, without a speedometer and gas meter, but we need to get gas first to be certain we had enough. Daddah gets gas spilled all over himself. As he is pumping, I hear a weird click. He starts the car, and all is normal, but we now need to go change his clothes and shoes. Done. 

Car is fine!

We drive there, get lost. Hang out with relatives, fine. Drive to Ikea, get lost.. lol. The baby fell asleep right before Ikea, but we took a risk and loaded her into the stroller. She was great though- LOADS of input. 

We ate lunch there, as we were pretty hungry, and did our shopping. A lot of shopping.. easel, table for Montessori kitchen work etc.

MÅLA Easel IKEA Your child can use it for different purposes. The easel has a whiteboard on one side and a blackboard on the other.

 All great stuff. Headed home. Fine. Then we had a great evening together.. but sheesh, we were exhausted! 

We so rarely get cold weather like that...I am betting my car is fine now!