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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Clever last minute Christmas gift for family

I was just asked to take a look at an interesting new idea from Photo Mambo
52 Family Pix

This is a cool new app that downloads on your family members computer, and allows you to update the pictures as you wish. 

The great gift idea is to send the person a new pic every week of the year- 52 weeks of photos of your life, your experiences and inspirations. They have cleverly suggested a coupon that is good for the 52 photos. I love this. I have so many distant family members, and I know they would love a new picture every week then some other trinket or bauble that I could send. 

Blue Card 52 Family Pix
There is no fee for the recipient, and the photos download as you send them. Nothing for them to do!
 Need a coupon to download and print? Check out 52 Family Pix for some great ones.