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Friday, November 1, 2013

Toddler Communication

Our little toddler is going to be 19 months tomorrow. I still call her a baby, of course, but she IS a toddler. She has been having a serious language explosion over the last 2 weeks. I stopped counting her number of words somewhere around 50 a month or so ago. This week she has really been putting her words together, to communicate her needs and thoughts, and it has been fabulous.

Just now, she was watching her Disney tape. (Yes, I said we weren't going to do any tv before 2, but we caved, and she gets an hour or so daily, so I can do some of my work from home. It is not my favorite parenting decision, but I weigh it against the alternative- daycare, and me working full time. There is no choice.. this works. )

So- she was watching, sort of, and playing with toys in the living room. I call it a living room, but really it is her playroom- a disaster of toys that I no longer bother to try to organize daily. HA.

 She comes over to me, as I am on the couch, and she tells me something, in a long series of words and gestures that aren't making sense to me. She sees this. She gets louder. She gestures more. I get something about blocks. Well- Big Blocks was just on the tv, so I am thinking she is asking for more, or telling me something about it. I am not getting it.. she balls up her little fists and shakes them. She gets upset. I ask her again to tell me what she needs. I get eye contact. I tell her that I will do what she asks, but I don't understand. She says it again, and points. AHHHH!!! Light goes on! Blocks. On top of the shelf. She wants her blocks to play with. So I say YES- blocks.. her face lights up. Elation. Mom gets what I am saying.

You could see on her face how relieved she was that she could tell me what she wanted. It was bliss. I am really enjoying this time, as each day, she says a bit more, and we are communicating more and more. Of course we have been communicating all along, but the verbal aspect makes it just a little bit easier for us.