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Sunday, November 10, 2013

SLEEP NUMBER DualTemp Layer experience

I was recently asked by Smiley360 to test out a new product from the Sleep Number store- the SLEEP NUMBER DualTemp Layer. There are over 400 of them  to choose from apparently, so it was pretty easy to hop over to the mall and give it a go.

I was pretty surprised to see what the product was. Delightfully so. It is basically a layer to put on your current mattress and it has these super quiet blowers that push warm or cool air into the layer to keep your temp right where you want it. The Sleep Number folks are pretty clever about knowing how a couple sleeps together. In our house, the man is always sweaty.  I am always frosty. We argue all year about what temp to keep the ac or heater at. Mainly this is an issue at night, as neither of us sleeps well when we aren't at our preferred temp. This layer solves that! He has a cool layer of air to sleep on, and I can have a warm side. 

I am giving this a green twist, although I am not sure they have looked at the specifics to prove it. If we are running this layer, I am thinking we would save the ac or heater from running as much. Why heat or cool the whole house, when really it is just the bed that is an issue? Instead of keeping the house at 72 in the summer, I am betting we could go to a higher temp, and keep the man happy! With the cost of electricity, even with our solar panels, we would save. 

Also, I can also see how a sore back could be soothed by lying on this. It isn't super hot, but it was relaxing to my muscles just trying it out in the store. 

If you are having these kind of issues, take a look at the SLEEP NUMBER DualTemp Layer and see if it isn't all I said!

If you are interested in more info check out this link:


As a side note, I also got my Sleep Number when I was there-- I am a 50. This is a pressure map showing my body's outline before the number was adjusted to my body.This was pretty sweet. I could feel a real difference in the areas as they were being adjusted!

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