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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Monetizing a blog

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I had some really great advice from a few bloggers online on ways to try to monetize my blog. I have been running a few ad campaigns, and have had some very dismal results. I must preface this by saying, that although I did see many ad impressions were made from each of my experiments, the only ones that actually got clicked, and paid for, were from Adsense. 

I decided to cut out Infolinks today. Although I did have many impressions, and even made a whopping 15 cents over 3 months, I found that with the number of sponsored posts that I made, it was a pain for me to constantly have to go back and edit the code to remove the in line ads for the posts.I think for my current status, it is not that useful.  The fact that there is actually money in my account makes me think I will go back and reassess this later if I get more traffic. So, for the moment, enjoy that they are gone!

That brings me to Adsense. I have a few dollars in my account for a few months of usage. Again, there are many impressions that you have all seen, but a few clicks have earned a few dollars. So this is a keeper. Additionally, there is a great interface that goes along with it, and there is definite value to me there. Since the payout is like $100, it will take me a really long time to see any money, but I hope that as my blog expands, that I will see more income there. I really like the fact that the ads are not requiring any work on my part at any time. I can easily control where the ads go, and roughly tailor the companies I want to work with. I can see their ads on a lot of blogs, and I understand the popularity now.

For Amazon, I can see there is work for me to do there to optimize anything. However, I don't have the focus for it at the moment. I will leave the store up, but I won't be doing much with it at the moment.

Commission Junction has a great selection of companies to work with, but I have to place the ads, and have not had any clicks in the very many months I have had them on the blog. I will leave it up for now, as I may expand that later.

Shareasale has had some great companies to work with. I have publicized many offers, and had quite a few clicks. Since it works on sales made, I haven't made any money yet, but the potential is there. They also throw some great promotions for bloggers like contests and such, and I find that keeps the ads and content interesting, at least to me anyway! These will continue. 

Lijit has made me 21 cents in 3 months. Again, I don't need to promote this much, so I will leave it online. 

Viglinks has had no clicks, and no money made. I don't have to do anything with those ads either, so for now they can stay. 

One other promo that I have been enjoying is the Punchtab app. It runs at the bottom of the page and I rack up points for blogs I frequent. I have actually earned 2 giftcards from them, and they are a nice little treat. If you haven't installed that one yet, I suggest it! 

So that is my result. Not that great in terms of returns. I will be trying some new things over the next few months, when my contracting schedule lightens up a bit. THAT has been going great!

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