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Monday, November 18, 2013

KiteReaders.com Book Review of Moby Dick: A Babylit Ocean Primer

I was given the opportunity to review this book for free by KiteReaders. My daughter has really been enjoying the books we have read so far, so I was excited to choose another- Moby Dick. I will admit I did not check the preview on this one, just looked at the cover, and age group and decided to try it.

When I first got it, I was a bit surprised at the content. Many of the other books were more reading intensive, and had rhymes and such. This book did not have that. It was more like a picture book.. like a board book.. and I wasn’t sure if she would be interested in it. I did really like the images though. They are really artfully done, with rich colors and interesting features.. but I didn’t think the toddler would be on board. I was wrong! She sat and looked, and pointed and I told her what everything was, and we had quite an interactive experience, instead of me just reading. It was nice! She was sold, and then so was I.

I was doing some Facebooking earlier today, and saw that the book had been featured in an article on the NY Time website.…

It would seem that we all have underestimated the ability of toddlers to appreciate artistic books!

Thanks so much to Kite Readers for letting me review this book!