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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Chronic Outfitters T-Shirt Review

I am a huge hockey fan.. I like to play as well. I saw a movie last year or so, when I was up all night, feeding a baby that never slept.. Ok- this is a family site, so I won’t mention the title,  but let us say that the R rated movie is dang funny. In that flick, they have a jersey for the Monroeville Zombies, a hockey team. I looked it up and it was real, and ever since that day, I have wanted something with their name/logo on it. With finances being tight, I had not bought one…yet....

Fast forward, I found a website- Chronic Outfitters, that had one of these shirts. I immediately emailed them and asked if I could review a shirt from their site. They said yes, because they are awesome- and I was able to select the shirt I wanted for review.

Well, we all know what I picked. Actually, to be honest, there were several I wanted. I had to sit and keep looking at them to decide. I love Breaking Bad, most Scifi flicks, and I am also a pretty big science geek, and since they have shirts with all of those themes (and more) it was hard to narrow it down.

Here I am at a family party.

I did finally stick with the Monroeville Zombie shirt, as it was hockey themed, and would be awesome to wear to tailgates and such. I was impressed with their color and style selections. It seems so many “theme shirts” are either black or white, and really, I need more of a selection than that. No problem here. There were several color choices available.

I am also kind of a big girl in the top – so I also needed to make sure I could order a shirt to accommodate.. ahem.. my top half. No problem there either. They have up to 3x in many styles.

I picked my shirt, let them know what I liked, and it was on the way in no time.

I will mention, that the prices on their shirts ARE very reasonable. If you wanted to pick up something around $15, you would have no trouble. Many shirts were on sale for $10.The stores online and in the mall are never that cheap, and they never have my size, so we are happy campers on Chronic Outfitters.

My shirt arrived. I actually snatched the package out of my man’s hands when he went to get the mail. I had hounded him every day until it got here. I opened it, and put it on.. BLISS! It fit! It was a tad bit baggy, but very much how I wear a t-shirt. I washed it- and it didn’t noticeably shrink. Additional bliss!

 I have literally worn it every day since I got it.

That shirt is incredibly soft, and exactly the right weight for AZ weather.  It has been washed quite a few times, and is holding up great. I have not had a chance to wear it to a tailgate yet, but the folks are going to love it.. I know my daughter did.. she kept pointing at it, and  saying – hockey hockey. Win!

Here I am at the Fountain Hills Craft Fair
Here I am at the Fountain Hills Craft Fair

So, if you are looking for some wardrobe additions with flair, or some great gifts for that special person in your life, I highly suggest checking out their sites and media:

Thanks so much Chronic Outfitters for letting me review their shirt!

Note: Although I was provided a free sample product to review, this did not impact that content of the blog review. I have provided my honest opinion, and actual experience wearing and washing this shirt.