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Friday, November 15, 2013

APS gets some of what it wanted on solar...

So the vote happened, and APS was given the ability to tack on $5 a month to new solar installations in Arizona. It does not sound like much, compared to the 50-100 they were asking for, but it still is a new tax on the sun. Also, you know, just like everything else- they will attempt to increase this again in 2015, 2017 etc.. eventually getting the 50-100 they want. 

Here I am back in the day.. the company I worked for sold their semi-conductor waste  to this company to recycle into solar panels. It was pretty awesome! They helped us host a community event for Earth Day!

This of course does not currently effect our household, since the panels have been installed for some time. However, I am making a bet that they will be looking at my panels for a new tax in the future. They do save me money, and we know that a utility monopoly will not stand for that. Many folks are considering going off grid all together to avoid any future issues. I would love to do that myself, but it is pretty out of  reach financially for me. If I ever win the lottery though, I swear, it is one of the first things I am doing.. after all- when the power goes out all over, mine would still be on!

I was pretty excited to see how many folks rallied around this issue in the state. Some pretty high profile folks too. Solar can and does work in this state, and people are starting to see that!

You can check out the AZCentral report here...


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