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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Still so busy

So the past few days have been a whirlwind between the strange and stranger.

I have had an actual job offer made to me. Before you get your hopes all in a bunch, I have to say that the offer was not so good for me. I had interviewed about a month ago for this position and was told it was closed a week or so later. Then I get this voice message on Wednesday, and I had a feeling something was coming my way. Unfortunately, their top offer was too low for me to consider.

Now wait, you say- isn't some job better than none? Well, not exactly. Once you factor in the cost of me driving 60 miles a day, clothes, food, maintenance on the car plus.. oh yea- daycare.. I was not going to be making any money at the end of the month. I would still be in the red! I could justify that if I wasn't doing any contract work, but to be honest, I have work for the next month, and maybe longer, and I don't have any expenses associated with that. I am making an excellent hourly rate, the client is fantastic to work for, and I am enjoying the work.I have the flexibility to set the work down when I want and play with my daughter.

and see pumpkins....

I had an interview Thursday, and a 4 hour interview this morning with another company. Both of these should offer more in terms of salary, and the one today has a 15 minute commute. This is more feasible. I don't mind going back to work, but it really has to be for the right offer. I can not justify it just yet to do this to everyone. The man works, and although we are on a super super tight budget that is not sustainable, I don't want to take a position that I will be looking to get out of as soon as a better offer comes along. I feel badly about turning it down. Nauseous really. I liked the team, and the company was a big one that was not going anywhere anytime soon. ( No offshoring!) But it just wasn't going to work at that rate. It was literally a little more than I was making at my first professional job 14 years ago. Way to step sooo far back. blech....