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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

PlanetBox Shuttle Review

I was lucky enough to receive a Planetbox Shuttle for no cost, to review for my site. I was anticipating its delivery, and I tore into the box when it arrived.

Being an eco family, we are always looking for more ways to conserve resources, and limit the amount of disposables we use, such as plastic baggies. For some reason, toddler foods seem to just beg to be carried around outside the house, so we have really been looking for a good solution. Additionally, the man takes his lunch to work every day, and he is a big variety snacker, so we need to keep a bunch of containers on hand for him as well..  PlanetBox has some great solutions, and they send me the Shuttle Complete to try.

They sent me the red one, which is really nice looking for a male or female. I had initially thought I would use it for the man's lunches, but it became pretty clear to me, that once the toddler saw it, she was not going to give it up.

It really blew her mind when I took out the lunch box part and gave it to her.

We decided that the first trial would be to take the setup to our hockey tailgate. She was perfectly content to sit on her mat, and eat her snacks from the little compartments.We put raisins in the little round cup, and she was not letting go of that thing for the whole party.

Usually, she will dump any plate or bowl we give her. I did not see  her tip this even once. She didn't spill a single snack. She also was very particular about her treats staying separate. We are on to something here I think.

We also decided to give this a trial at breakfast the next day...

No merging of foods, and no spilling. She even decided that this was a good place for her water cup.

All of the pieces were very sturdy, and looked like they would hold up to the toddler test.. or even the man's lunch, if he can ever pry it away from her. The compartments are a decent size for a variety of snacks and foods that you might bring for lunch. It is definitely big enough to hold enough snacks, and leave plenty of space for the toddler. I was very impressed with the little round container. It has a rubber stopper in it, so I imagine putting sauces, or yogurt or salad dressing in there for a variety of meals. The red bag is insulated, and there is enough space to slide in one of my hard plastic ice packs. This is great to keep things cool until it is time to eat. Even better for hot Arizona car-trips. 

They sell ice packs to fit the box, so if you don't have one, I highly suggest it.

The clip on the box holds very well.. I know this because the toddler tried everything she could to open it, and couldn't. That is a positive for me at this point. She does not need to open that on her own, and spray food all over! The container fits in the bag perfectly, so it is not going to open in there either. 

I have had a lot of plastic lunch containers for work over the years, and I have to say- so many of them have been ruined by stains and smells. I can never seem to get them clean enough without making them toxic. I know this will never be an issue with the stainless steel. It will stand up to the years.

I also received a set of magnets to put on the box. The toddler is going to adore these when she is a little older. She has been trying to eat all the ones off the fridge lately, so we have to put these up for a bit. I will use them for myself if I ever get it away from her!

Here is an image from their site so you can see the colors and such. I would advise getting the Complete set, for convenience. I would especially say this if you are packing for kids. The insulated container is nice looking and has a great sized handle for little or big hands. I may never get that back either!

If you have a hard time trying to decide what to put in these fabulous boxes, they have a great resource for ideas-   http://meals.planetbox.com/

Thanks so much to PlanetBox for sending me a product for review. I know we will be getting years of use out of this!