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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kite Reader Book Review-The Halloween Queen Who Lost Her Scream: An Evil Blue Fairy Tale

As you know, I was lucky enough to host a contest awhile back for Kite Readers. After the contest was over, they let me know about their review program, and I was pretty excited to give it a try. They offered me a choice of any free book on their site, so I could share it with my daughter, and then review it here. We are super big on Halloween around here, so I selected "The Halloween Queen Who Lost Her Scream: An Evil Blue Fairy Tale" for our review.

There were actually several books to choose from for Halloween, for different age groups. My daughter isn't even 2 yet, but I selected a 3-6 year range book. She did not mind, by the way.

I got the email today, and was downloading my new book in seconds. Literally. We have a Kindle in the house, but at the moment it has a broken screen, so I downloaded the book onto my laptop, onto my Kindle Reader. Although, once it is fixed, that Kindle will be great for road trips and such, where we have content already loaded onto it just for the toddler. This particular title has an animated option, but not for our Kindle, which is a bummer, but the toddler, again, was unphased by this.

So the book- it was really nicely done. The colors were all creepy Halloweeny. Even the font was ghoulish! I enjoyed the characters and how they all joined together to try to get the Halloween Queen's scream back.. I won't ruin the ending by telling you if it works or not...but they work step by step with a list to help her.

The toddler sat and watched my scroll through the pages as I read to her. She enjoyed the images- I know this because she was as silent as a pumpkin, and didn't actually move the entire time I read the book. She was completely absorbed. She likes books that have some rhyme to them, as this one does.

The cost on this book at the moment is $1.99. This seems like a pretty good bargain to me. We are able to download the book to the computer or use it in Amazon's cloud, so even when the Kindle is back, we can read it from there. It will never be lost, or the pages chewed on or torn ( an issue we are having at the moment with our board books.) Since she is only under 2- with an age range up to 6, we will be enjoying this book for many Halloweens to come- and hopefully, she will be reading it to us!

You can check it out here- http://kitereaders.com/2013/10/16/spooktacular-halloween-specials-week-3/