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Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I have been insanely busy the past 2 weeks, working on some freelance projects. I booked 2 at once, and it is kicking my bottom.

I am very happy to have work to do though. Real money is already on the way. I simply adore seeing my timesheets get approved, and the confirmation a check is on its way. I am enjoying the work itself as well. In my field, mostly stuff I know, and just a touch of research to get it all rolling.

My client was happy enough to book me for another project, and that one will be going on for a few more weeks. Delight!

I am pretty impressed from what I have been reading about the safety rules in Canada. They have some unique requirements that would make my job a lot easier. Which leaves a person more time to work on the hard stuff. I swear, if we end up moving, it could be to there! I already will have a local reference from my client.

But, dear readers, this busy-ness has meant I will not be posting a green and organic post for Thursday. I am on a break between spreadsheets, and that is why I got this. I will leave you instead, with a cute baby to look at:)

She loves her Tummy Tub, and she especially enjoys running around with it on her head.. into things.. and then does it again