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Friday, October 25, 2013

Buildasign site and product review

I was recently contacted by Buildasign to see if I might be interested in doing a product review on their website, for my blog. I was intrigued. I wondered what sort of products I might be able to use from a place that makes signs. I was very pleasantly surprised to see the variety of products they had to offer, and I had a hard time deciding on what to choose. There were many ideas that I had…

…..a man cave sign for my man’s garage

…..a custom hockey decal for our cars

….a sign to warn others that I have a vicious attack dog in my yard

…..a sign to warn people not to ring the door bell when the baby was napping

......magnets to add to my etsy site orders

.....a hockey flag for our tailgates

I poked all around and looked at all the options and color choices, and I have to admit that it was a tad overwhelming trying to decide. I suspect the average customer would be a lot more decisive, as they would be looking for a specific type of sign. I decided that the decals were awesome, but I didn’t want to order something for myself specifically. I was interested in possible gifts for family. Hey- my budget is very slim this year!

Then I saw that they had some sweet custom street signs that could be used as door signs for kids’ rooms. As it turns out, I have a kid! She has a room! I looked through all the neat premade options on signs.  I saw a really festive one that I thought would be great for my daughter. I picked it straight away.

The interface on the website is super easy to use. You can add your own clip art and customizations, but for this sign, I used the prefab one, and it was super nice. I had her name on the sign in seconds, and ordered. 

Then I played around with the site some more. I have some nieces and nephews locally in town, and decided it might be a neat Christmas present to give them each their own sign. I could choose the colors, fonts and orientation of how to print the signs. I also had the choice of different materials like plastic or aluminum. I choose the plastic, as it was the lightest, and would be easiest to hang. There were also some options to put pre-drilled holes, and order adhesive for hanging.. but I skipped those, as I wasn’t sure how the family would want to use them. They also had double sided as an option, but I didn't need that this time.

I placed my order for all the signs, and noted that there were quantity discounts, which is always nice when you are ordering multiples of something. I mention this, as there is a funny coincidence about ordering multiples- a family member on Facebook was posting that she was looking for a place the made custom decals, so she could order them as a fundraiser for school. This kind of deal would definitely save money on production costs, leaving more money in the school’s pocket! I sent her the link straight away!

Back to my experience-I got my order confirmation instantly, and within a day or so I was sent a shipping notice that my signs were on their way. They arrived on time, and the package was well protected from any damage in shipping. 

I opened my signs with a great amount of enthusiasm. They looked so awesome! The sign for my daughter’s room was even better than I imagined. The colors were bright and high quality with no pixilation at all. (for some reason I had it in my head that they would be pixelated) They were bigger than my brain imagined too. I was very pleasantly surprised by all of my signs.

 They are going to make a few kids pretty darn happy when they open them up!

Now I am imagining so other signs that may be in my future….

Thanks so much to Buildasign for giving me the opportunity to check out their work. I was also provided a free order of business cards, and will review these upon arrival.

updated: See the review here

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