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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Zulily Scavenge hunt- Week 2- Essentials you need for a new baby

The 5 essentials you need for a new baby

Zulily has been featuring contest for their affiliates this month. The theme this time is 5 new baby essentials. I am going to have fun with this one:)

Nipple butter

If you plan on breastfeeding, those first couple of months can be trying while you are establishing a good latch, and you are feeding non-stop. Some really good butter makes all the difference in the world. Comfort is key, any you can get!


Swaddle blanket

My daughter loved to be held 24/7 the first few weeks. Occasionally, we were able to set her down, but only with the help of a cuddly swaddle. This blanket is great for that purpose. Now that my daughter is a toddler, she loves these types of blankets for sleeping. They are lightweight enough for a Phoenix summer, but still provide that little cocoon she loves.


Wrap top

The first few days of life with baby were so hard. We were learning so much, we were sleep deprived, and baby was not a fan of putting on new clothes after she spit up through her bibs and clothes. It made it easier to have shirts like this, that did not go over her head. One piece.. to be worn with a diaper only. Hey- no sleep makes you do the least you have to to survive!


Organic beanie

Our baby was always cold the first few months. We had about 10 of these types of cozy hats to keep her head warm. A matching gown gives baby a presentable look for when relatives come over:)


Striped gown

We were given a few of these as hand me downs. Through my hazy pregnant brain, I was not able to find any organic ones locally ( and I didn't know about Zulily yet!) These are an awesome way to deal with several diaper changes a night, without fussing with buttons and snaps. We even brought baby home in one of these!

Hopefully you enjoyed my collection this week. I have enjoyed remembering those early baby days.. what little I remember of course:)

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