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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Some interesting blog results, some green, some free, some crafty

I have spent a considerable amount of time the past few weeks to increase my traffic to my blog. The good news is-this has worked.

I have almost gotten to my goal this month, and I am fairly pleased about this. I am not sure I can keep it up this way, but I am trying a few things at once, so I am sure one or two will win out.

I had set a goal to post more green, organic and general treehuggery. That was complete. I have a series of posts on green cleaning products, and you guys seemed pretty interested in that. So more will follow.

I had set a goal to put more of my cards and tags and such both on my blog, and more into my webshop store.( see link above) Did that. Have not seen too much interest in this. I am not sure that I should continue spending time trying to promote that. Only time will tell, and of course, with the holidays coming up, perhaps this will change. I was really hoping the webshop would be a good venue. Etsy fees eat all my profits!

I had set a goal to host some giveaways. I didn't understand before that you can host them, and not need to chase after sponsors to do so. That was an easy one. I have seen a great deal of new traffic from this. Between the blog opp posts and the eventual giveaway, I generated several hits. I also got to enter a lot of new giveaways myself! This has also increased my twitter and Facebook followers by a huge number. Hopefully those folks will stick around.

I wanted to review some products myself. I had one with Woolzies, and I was pretty happy with that. I love the product. Green, and a perfect fit with my blog and lifestyle. I have another one coming up that I am excited about. Won't mention it until I see the package in the mail. I don't think there will be a giveaway with it though.

I wanted to host a blog hop. This was kind of a bummer so far. I only had a few participants-although- I did have many, many visits to the page. That was nice. Hopefully my fellow hoppers saw some traffic from it, and will come back next week to link again. If nothing else, I enjoyed making my button!

I did also manage to get involved more in a few online communities that support each other. That has been nice. Everyone has been super positive and helpful. I appreciate that immensely. That will surely continue.

I have increased some of the ad variability on the site. I was finally approved for AdSense. I have yet to see anything from this. Not feeling too optimistic yet. But, it is the easiest, as I do not have to place the ads myself. This of course is a double edge sword, since I can't choose what is seen by anyone. ( I can block certain types, which I have, but that isn't the same.) Of course, Google knows the interwebs better than I do, so perhaps there is something to it. HA!

I really want to attract readers and keep them coming back. That is the rub in the blogosphere. If you have thoughts on what you would like to see more of, leave a comment. I will keep evolving until I feel comfy here!