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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mulberry paper and yarn

I wanted to play with mulberry paper, and decided that glue and mulberry paper were the thing to mix for some new cards.

I took a piece of cardstock and decided to cover it, the yarn mesh, and the mulberry paper in elmers glue. I kind of shmushed them all around until I found them in a way that appealed to me. It was a real mess on my desk!

I let it dry overnight, and came back pretty happy with what I saw. I decided that the yarn wasn't highlighted enough so I ran some green stain over it with a sponge paint brush. I let that dry overnight.. the next day, I thought the whole thing needed some more stain, in brown this time.

 I still wasn't in complete love, so I added some glitter spray. Just a light spray, for some extra boom.

Finally, I pasted it all on my card, and added a string of raffia. I am so excited about  how these turned out. I actually have 4 of them made in all.

I hope you like them!

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