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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Music Tag Tutorial

I recently got a few awesome stamps at Joanns, and decided that the best way to use them, would be tags. Here is the way I made them.

Please note- I am not using all the fancy suggested tools to make my tags. I try to limit what I spend, as I am not close to turning any profit on my endeavors.. maybe later I will get a more varied toolbox..

Sizzix gift card diecuts

offwhite colored paper- 65 weight

twine ( I dyed it with chocolate tea, it smells great)

Tim Holtz Distress stain- Vintage photo

Tim Holtz Distress stain-broken china

Trumpet stamp-TPC Set- Music

Saying stamp- TPC set- Music

Stampabilities brown pigment ink stamp pad

Fantastix water paint brush
( if you are interested in buying some of these supplies, I made a link to the Amazon store with the items)

I started with my Sizzix diecuts. You could really use any kind of tag for this. I would say that the 65 weight paper is kind of fussy, so I would not suggest it actually, but it was what I had handy.

I also experimented with the textured and non textured side of the paper.. each has its differences. The stamps are harder to pop on the textured side, but that may be ok.


There are a few ways to do edge the tags, but I found that I preferred using the stamp pad for this project. I just run the tag along the stamp, and it picks up the ink pretty well. It is possible to use the distress ink, and build it, as many other tutorials show, but there is a tool they use that I haven't purchased yet.. so I improvised! It turns out that the brown stamp is darker than my distress ink anyway, so it works.
Here is how it will look.
Next, I get a little bit of my distress stain ink on my water pen.. I rub it around on the plastic surface underneath first to get a small amount of ink. This takes a little practice for me, to get the ink right, otherwise, I end up with a too dark mark on the paper.

I drag the water pen across the tag at an angle, picking up some of the stamp ink in the process, and pulling it all across.. It takes a light hand...
Next I prepped my stamps on an acrylic block. I pre-formatted the 2 of these to fit where I wanted on the tag. I am such a fan of these kind of stamps. You can see exactly where they ink will be going.


 Here it is, perfectly lined up.

Next, I let the ink dry a bit, and prep a second water pen for blue ink. Again I just dab a bit onto my plastic surface, and take a bit of ink to the pen.

I just wanted a very, very light blue highlight here and there to bring some depth to the tag. I went across the tag in the opposite diagonal that I did before. It leaves behind some nice faint markings.


Here we have a completed version. There is a bit of darker blues and browns on this one. Each one of the 10 I made are slightly different of course.

  Here is the stack.

 Here is my twine. I laid them out to see the length. It is really up to you how long you want them. I make sure mine are going to tie well, and can still be attached to something.

**If you have a white twine you want to dye, cotton is the only material that I have been able to hold the color. I just took my twine, unwound it, and added to a bowl of steaming hot black tea ( happened to be organic, decaf chocolate flavored, which sounds better than it tasted.) I made about 8 tea bags to get the water really dark, and I let it sit overnight. In the morning, I rung out the twine, and draped it over the bowl to dry. It looked exactly as I wanted!**

And here is the finished item. I really love these stamps. I can't wait to try some more projects with them.
If you want to cut out the middle man and just buy a set of these, I have them on etsy now.

Thanks for checking this out!