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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Funny baby

I was sitting watching my toddler play quietly this morning, and I thought- wow. She really is a good kid, and I am pretty lucky so far with the way she has been developing.

Then it was noon-thirty-ish, that blissful time when she tells me, with her sign language, and her words- shleep. I shleep. She goes over to the living room gate, and tries to open it. She waits. We prep her bottle, she watches. I gather my laptop and phone, and set it all up to charge for her nap. She helps herself to the bottle, and I change her diaper, right in her bed today.. normally I don't do that, but she was so happy with her bottle, I couldn't help it. I thought- wow. She is going to sleep fast today. HA!

So she lays there a bit, and I take care of the diaper and turn off the lights and lay next to her. I ask her if she wants to nurse. She does. She hands me the bottle, says thank you. This is my queue to put it on the table. She nurses. Happily, dreamily. She rubs my hand. She smiles. She closes her eyes. She eventually stops, and I ask her if she wants the bottle. She does. She drinks it. Hands it back and then finds a pacifier. She stands up and wanders over to the other side of the room.

Hey wait. THIS is not what we do at lunch. No. I ask her several times if she wants to sleep. No. Not at all. What she does want, is to loom over my laptop. Pull the phone off of its charger. Throw books at me and the laptop. She is having a grand time. Jumping on the bed. Launching her self at me.

This craziness goes on for 2 hours. I am losing my mind. Normally, she can play without crazy. She has access to many toys in the room, but she seems pretty set on taking my things from me. On hitting me. On standing. ON. ME. Being calm is hard in these circumstances. The crazy gets worse and worse, until she finally collapses into her bed, and decides she will nap.

She must have realized she was being unpleasant, because to fall asleep, she grabs my arm, nuzzles it. Kisses it even. And she is out.

Funny baby.