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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Card.com- something you should check out!

I was recently given the opportunity to review a Visa debit card, from Card.com. I was pretty interested in this, as I have never used one before, and it seemed that it might be pretty useful to me.

They sent me over the link, and some instructions, and I was on my way to selecting my FREE personalized debit card!

Here are some of the cool choices on their splash page-
USA Curling
Star Trek
Breast Cancer Awareness

I think it is a pretty wild selection of cards, no? Right away I typed in hockey- I saw there was an option to select team colors..nice! I think I want the Star Trek more, so I selected that.

I was on my way to entering my personal info. It took less than a minute and I was approved. My card will be on its way in less than a week.

There was a link to email the info to my employer. Apparently this can be loaded with the wages from your employment.

I looked around some more to see how I was to get money onto the card. I can see direct deposit, Money Pak, Paypal, bank and even Western Union. Seems like they haven’t left anything out.

The instructions for using each method looked pretty straight forward. I can imagine this will go pretty quickly when money needs to go on the card.

I was intrigued by the features- usable like an ATM card ( with 22,000 locations- beats my bank!), no overdraft fees, free transfer of money- card to card or just to fill it. I also liked that there is an app for my phone so I can see my money being deposited without being on my computer.

This would be an ideal card for someone with bad credit, or recovering credit. They don’t run a credit check. Funds are protected by the FDIC like a regular bank, and the card has 24/7 service, so if you have issues, you can call as needed. I have to say- when I NEED to call, it is rarely during banking hours.

There are some fees associated after the first 30 days, $5.95, but these are waived as long as you deposit at least $800 in the previous 30 days. If you are using this card for everything, that should be ok.. but it is still in line with regular bank fees if you did have to pay them.

Card.com. looks like an interesting service, and I can’t wait to receive mine so I can give it a whirl!

As noted above, I was paid to publish a blog post about this service. However, all information above is my opinion of my experience and what I read on the website. Thanks for looking.