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Monday, July 29, 2013

Boppy sadness

I realized the other day, that I have not used my Boppy pillow for its intended purpose for quite some time. I have very fond memories of months and months of using that pillow with my baby girl.

I remember the first time I used one, the night she was born. I couldn't even hold her up because my arms were so weak, and she was so big! My doc woke up several times that night at the Birth Center, every time the baby cried, she would come in and help me feed her. She tried to have me feed her a few times without it, and them whammo- she brought that puppy in and everything was so much easier for me.

It was a long night. I didn't sleep a wink. I hadn't slept for more than 2-3 hours in the last 2 days or so. I was exhausted and elated.. so much adrenalin after I had the baby. Anyway, the Boppy belonged to the Birth Center- so many women must have fed their babies for the first time on that pillow.. a nice memory.

I sent the man to Toysrus the next day when we got home, so I could have my own at home. I also ordered a sweet pea organic cover for it online.. they were out of them in store. It was so soft- still is!

My baby ate on that pillow. She slept on that pillow while I sat on the couch and held her. She wouldn't sleep anywhere else except my arms for a while. We eventually discovered that she would sleep in a car seat, so she ended up there for her brief naps. But she always fell asleep, content, milk drunk, on that Boppy.

When she was older, we also used it to practice sitting up and playing. We had it on the bed, and we would play with toys for hours while her little body was wedged in it. She loved it, and so did I.

I had not planned on buying one when I did all my registry research.. so many people say it was a waste of money and such. I never thought so.
I have so many good memories of it.
I can not bring myself to get rid of it. At the moment, the Boppy is being used under the baby's slide- one of many cushions in case she leaps off of the thing in an unsafe manner ( which happens often.)
It makes me happy it has some use, but it doesn't seem to be the right one. How did you use your Boppy after baby outgrew it?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Review of WineMaps website

I was recently asked to check out a new website/service called WineMaps. How can a woman say no to such a question? I was intrigued by the concept- a site that will show you where the wineries, wine bars, vineyards and events are in the world- all in one place. What a great idea. First, some background- WineMaps is a site that was funded by a stay at home dad because of his love for local wineries, and all that they bring to the wine community. Finding out information about small wineries can be a challenge, as the owner, Ryan Ornelas, points out, as wineries are good at making wine, but not always good at marketing it. He felt inspired to help do something about this- and came up with the idea to make this awesome site. I, myself, remember going on summer vacations with my dad, and how he had to look up paper maps, and newsletters, and odd places to find wineries and vineyards on our travel route. How antiquated! Now, if I am going to Monterey, it is super easy to click on the area, and see what is going on there, without having to search all over the web and maps to find it. Easy. So about that website. I immediately started clicking around to see what information could be found there. I discovered an incredible map that was easy to point and click regions of interest, to see what wine info could be found there. Arizona is not widely known in wine circles, so I was not too surprised that there are not a lot of entries for vineyards here... this is the desert after all. But there were some entries local to me. I have discovered a new place to try new wines, and eat fabulous food.
This is a win! If there are events at the location, there are other tabs in the website, to let me post about check-ins, photos and anything else going on in the place. I love it. It ties everything all together in one place! I also signed up for their newsletter, it is free- there is no reason not to- get in on the ground floor people- you will not want to miss an update. The site is running a fully functional beta version right now, so go check it out.. and keep an eye out for the mobile experience that will be coming along as well- this will make your iphone your personal guide to wine locations, right in your hand! Check them out on Facebook, Twitter! https://www.facebook.com/winemaps https://twitter.com/winemaps

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Winner winner, chicken dinner?

Have you ever needed a quick dinner for your family? I have.. and sometimes I just want something familiar. SO I get fried chicken at the deli at Fry's.

Recently, I was lucky enough to be selected for a BzzAgent project involving Kroger's fried chicken. They sent me a mess of coupons to share, and a free meal for me to review. Man it was tasty. I knew I liked their chicken before, but since it was free this time, I swear it tasted even better.

So, bottom line- crunchy hot outside, and juicy inside. Picked up fast and easy at the deli. AND you can always add coleslaw, ambrosia, mac and cheese or whatever you like, to complete the meal. I am lazy. It is hot in Arizona. I do like to cook, but I have never really fried my own food. Seems like a lot of work when I can get it faster at Fry's and don't have to near a hot stove.

Try it!

Another chemical affects the unborn...who is shocked? Not me....

A new study has been published, showing the effect of atrazine on the unborn. Atrazine is a widely used herbicide in the world, except in Europe. The Europeans have decided that this chemical is too risky to continue using, due to water contamination. Perhaps there is something we can learn there? http://news.yahoo.com/rare-birth-defect-rise-153246793.html This chemical is an estrogen disruptor, and has been studied in frogs for years. There is no doubt in my mind, that this latest effect is probably not the last of the ones that will be attributed to this, and other similar chemicals. Certainly we can do better than this for our kids. Europe has made the change.. time for us to do the same!