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Friday, May 31, 2013

My appendages are doomed!

I have to say, I am generally not a clumsy person, overall, in my day to day life. On the hockey ice, I fall often, but usually doing something ridiculous to get somewhere or get the puck.. but my everyday life, I do manage to stay upright and relatively unharmed... Until this past week. A few days back, our smoke alarm went off in the bedroom. One of them, I should say, since there are 3 in here. So, I hear this and decide its a good idea to make it stop, since it was 6:30 or so in the morning, and I was sound asleep with the baby in my bed. Dad was in the shower. Somehow this shower set off the smoke alarm in the bedroom, but not the one in the bathroom.. go figure. Anyway, I go leaping to shut it off, completely neglecting the fact that my daughter was right next to me, and was of course awakened, and terrified.. so as I get the thing to be silent, I note she is up, and rolling precariously to the edge of the bed. I leap over to her and in the process of catching her, I slide, landing squarely on my knees, and planting my foot in the sharp edge of her crib, nailing the crap out of my little toe. I have my hand on her before she falls. I realize I have once again, broken my toe. For the third time. OUCH. Our lesson here- no socks on laminate. And let the fire alarm ring and bring the baby.. Today, I have been cleaning up the house for an impending house guest for the next week. I have followed my own rules and decid not to wear socks while mopping the laminate floor. Consequently, I have wet feet. Damp really. I decided to move a basket of stuff from one room to the sewing room.. I place the basket on the floor, move towards the door and realize a stray piece of fabric is stuck to my damp foot. I pause to try to scrape it off on the carpet, which doesn't work, so I put one hand on the edge of the door to brace myself, lean over to pick off the fabric, and then attempt to close the door. With my thumb in it. HOLY CRAP! I heard a cracking noise.. and I have no idea if its my thumb or the door.. I hop to the kitchen and ice it, swearing and crying... I am now the owner of a purple toe, and purple thumb. It may be best if I just stay in bed for awhile.