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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A trip to Toysrus for balls

We had a big weekend shopping for baby toys for my girl. Toyrus sent me an email that they had a $10 gift card with 40 purchase.. I can do this in 2.5 seconds in that place. I love looking at the FAO Schwartz toys the best.. I won't lie. ( we have a few at home- the plush bee's nest of plush bugs, the jack in the box, the elephant in a peanut car and the weird elephant with long legs and arms..) I even bought my little girl a pajama set for bringing her home in.. alas- it never fit her- she was ginormous at birth and barely fit in 0-3 months clothes, let alone newborn anything.

So my search was for balls for her to play with. She recently began saying BAH BAH when presented with a ball, and she seems endlessly fascinated with the balls we have.. so my thought- we need more! She keeps stealing my dryer balls and running off with them.. so I ended up finding her a small assortment of balls at the store. A regular sized playball, a smallish light up ball with Jake and the Neverland Pirates on it, a bouncey small ball. She squealed with delight at all of these as we collected them in the store.. BAH BAH BAH. We still have the swimming pool ball pit in the living room, but the balls have mostly migrated under the couch, behind the dog's crate.. sheesh, they sure do roll on my laminate floors!

I washed all the purchases when we got home, and when nap time was over she got to play with them. I am so amused by her attempts to pick up every new ball and try to carry it around. She drops one, and bends to pick it up, and drops another... on and on.. I do not get tired of this. Purchase was well worth the trip.

We also picked up a tent with attached tunnel, and a padded playmat that I hadn't seen before. The squares we had were becoming too much of a distraction to her- she kept picking them up to chew on! Blech! I am not sure she is entirely impressed with the tent yet.. might be a little soon for it. But my living room continues to be her ever changing playroom, and I don't mind.