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Friday, May 10, 2013

A shout out to the Daddas that help keep it together

We have had a trying week this week.. a cancelled job interview because I was violently ill, a few days of a grumpy baby that I will attribute to my being dehydrated and milk production being lower, and my continuous fatigue from being sick.. I am still not at 100%.. and then 2 phone interviews, and finally a long, in person interview today.

My man has missed 2 solid days of work this week. He cared for me when I was throwing up all over. He cared for the baby that needed me when I was too sick to even feed her ( thank goodness for milk stashes!) He fed me rice and yogurt. He washed diapers and dishes and went to work other days and still helped out when he got home. He brought me flowers and cannoli yesterday. He took care of the baby all day today, even after my interview... he washed dishes and grocery shopped and bbq'ed a nice dinner for us all....
Tomorrow night I have a ladies night that was scheduled a month ago-- he will be caring for baby at her grumpiest-night time- when all she wants is mamma's milk...

He is fabulous. I usually get support, but he really went above and beyond this week. It was sorely needed, and definitely appreciated. I guess I get a Mother's Week this week.. other than the puking of course... lol.