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Friday, May 31, 2013

My appendages are doomed!

I have to say, I am generally not a clumsy person, overall, in my day to day life. On the hockey ice, I fall often, but usually doing something ridiculous to get somewhere or get the puck.. but my everyday life, I do manage to stay upright and relatively unharmed... Until this past week. A few days back, our smoke alarm went off in the bedroom. One of them, I should say, since there are 3 in here. So, I hear this and decide its a good idea to make it stop, since it was 6:30 or so in the morning, and I was sound asleep with the baby in my bed. Dad was in the shower. Somehow this shower set off the smoke alarm in the bedroom, but not the one in the bathroom.. go figure. Anyway, I go leaping to shut it off, completely neglecting the fact that my daughter was right next to me, and was of course awakened, and terrified.. so as I get the thing to be silent, I note she is up, and rolling precariously to the edge of the bed. I leap over to her and in the process of catching her, I slide, landing squarely on my knees, and planting my foot in the sharp edge of her crib, nailing the crap out of my little toe. I have my hand on her before she falls. I realize I have once again, broken my toe. For the third time. OUCH. Our lesson here- no socks on laminate. And let the fire alarm ring and bring the baby.. Today, I have been cleaning up the house for an impending house guest for the next week. I have followed my own rules and decid not to wear socks while mopping the laminate floor. Consequently, I have wet feet. Damp really. I decided to move a basket of stuff from one room to the sewing room.. I place the basket on the floor, move towards the door and realize a stray piece of fabric is stuck to my damp foot. I pause to try to scrape it off on the carpet, which doesn't work, so I put one hand on the edge of the door to brace myself, lean over to pick off the fabric, and then attempt to close the door. With my thumb in it. HOLY CRAP! I heard a cracking noise.. and I have no idea if its my thumb or the door.. I hop to the kitchen and ice it, swearing and crying... I am now the owner of a purple toe, and purple thumb. It may be best if I just stay in bed for awhile.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

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The Big June Giveaway Event

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Free Blogger Event: Sign-up HERE

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Busy week!

Well now! We have had a busy week once again. We have been protesting the new rules being proposed by AZDHS regarding midwives and home births. We did not have a home birth, but we did have a midwife for our prenatal care, and I do not feel we can sit back and let their rights be whittled away!

My biggest issue with this rule is the removal of anti hemorrhage drugs from the scope of what can be used legally in a home birth. Personally, I was given several of these meds in my birth due to internal tearing, and I have to say, without them, I certainly could have bled to death. If a home birth momma is in the same situation, she would be forced to call 911, and wait for paramedics to come and administer this.. in the meantime, she would be bleeding! These drugs are never given willy nilly by a midwife, and there are no addictive or potential to abuse these drugs.. so taking them away from a trained medical provider seems like a seriously bad idea.

Additionally, they want to take away oxygen! My daughter had to have oxygen after her birth.. how on earth can AZDHS say they are interested in helping babies be safer, when they take this away? Paramedics would not have been there fast enough to save a baby if they needed to be called to administer oxygen!

We are not crazy or hardcore people, but just reasonable folks who don't want to see the midwifery programs in Arizona to go away. Midwives provide superior care to mammas and babies every day- they are the main source of care in many countries that have better rates of infant survivability after birth...why the US fights this, I have no idea, but certainly, families are suffering because of it.

If you are interested in this, comment on this at any and all government and news agencies you are interested in, join our Facebook page- Rights for Homebirth... come out and protest with the group. There are some awesome mammas and midwives there to talk about their experiences.



Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A trip to Toysrus for balls

We had a big weekend shopping for baby toys for my girl. Toyrus sent me an email that they had a $10 gift card with 40 purchase.. I can do this in 2.5 seconds in that place. I love looking at the FAO Schwartz toys the best.. I won't lie. ( we have a few at home- the plush bee's nest of plush bugs, the jack in the box, the elephant in a peanut car and the weird elephant with long legs and arms..) I even bought my little girl a pajama set for bringing her home in.. alas- it never fit her- she was ginormous at birth and barely fit in 0-3 months clothes, let alone newborn anything.

So my search was for balls for her to play with. She recently began saying BAH BAH when presented with a ball, and she seems endlessly fascinated with the balls we have.. so my thought- we need more! She keeps stealing my dryer balls and running off with them.. so I ended up finding her a small assortment of balls at the store. A regular sized playball, a smallish light up ball with Jake and the Neverland Pirates on it, a bouncey small ball. She squealed with delight at all of these as we collected them in the store.. BAH BAH BAH. We still have the swimming pool ball pit in the living room, but the balls have mostly migrated under the couch, behind the dog's crate.. sheesh, they sure do roll on my laminate floors!

I washed all the purchases when we got home, and when nap time was over she got to play with them. I am so amused by her attempts to pick up every new ball and try to carry it around. She drops one, and bends to pick it up, and drops another... on and on.. I do not get tired of this. Purchase was well worth the trip.

We also picked up a tent with attached tunnel, and a padded playmat that I hadn't seen before. The squares we had were becoming too much of a distraction to her- she kept picking them up to chew on! Blech! I am not sure she is entirely impressed with the tent yet.. might be a little soon for it. But my living room continues to be her ever changing playroom, and I don't mind.

Friday, May 10, 2013

A shout out to the Daddas that help keep it together

We have had a trying week this week.. a cancelled job interview because I was violently ill, a few days of a grumpy baby that I will attribute to my being dehydrated and milk production being lower, and my continuous fatigue from being sick.. I am still not at 100%.. and then 2 phone interviews, and finally a long, in person interview today.

My man has missed 2 solid days of work this week. He cared for me when I was throwing up all over. He cared for the baby that needed me when I was too sick to even feed her ( thank goodness for milk stashes!) He fed me rice and yogurt. He washed diapers and dishes and went to work other days and still helped out when he got home. He brought me flowers and cannoli yesterday. He took care of the baby all day today, even after my interview... he washed dishes and grocery shopped and bbq'ed a nice dinner for us all....
Tomorrow night I have a ladies night that was scheduled a month ago-- he will be caring for baby at her grumpiest-night time- when all she wants is mamma's milk...

He is fabulous. I usually get support, but he really went above and beyond this week. It was sorely needed, and definitely appreciated. I guess I get a Mother's Week this week.. other than the puking of course... lol.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Online contests and giveaways.. a question

I end up having some time every day when I am winding down, and the baby is mellow, and I can have some online fun.. I subscribe to a billion different facebook pages and twitter accounts where folks post a myriad of contests and giveaways everyday.

I have entered thousands of these contests...if you count the numbers of entries into some as multiples, as the rafflecopter forms say I have.. so tell me now.. what gives? I have yet to win a single thing. All I have managed to accomplish, is getting my twitter account suspended twice because I apparently follow too many people to quickly. Let's face it- many contests give you extra entries to follow a string of twitter accounts... so I do.. that gives me more places to enter contests and follow more twitter accounts... and wait..

When I see the counters of people entering, I don't usually see many more than thousands of entries.. and yes, that is a lot, but statistically speaking, I should win something... eventually... no?

What have I really accomplished? Nothing so far.

Have any of you out there won a contest? If so, what?
Is there a secret to this? Do I need a lucky rabbits foot? (if I do, I am out of luck, because.. ewww... poor bunny!)

Are there better contests to enter than others?
I am mainly focusing on baby and mommy contests... Should I be looking elsewhere?

Monday, May 6, 2013

The plague.. or Captain Trips or such

Well lovely readers... I have spent the last 24 or so hours being sick as sick can be.. vomiting.. diarhea.. dizzy and generally feeling like poo, so to speak. Not sure what sort of malady this was- but I even had a bonus fever to keep me busy.. all this on a day when I had a job interview scheduled.

Luckily enough, they were willing to reschedule me for another day this week. I will assume it is not the flu, since I seem to be progressively better plus or minus, as the day wears on. I hope they don't think I tied one on for Cinco de Mayo...

Luckily, knock on wood, the rest of the family seems unphased so far- so we are leaning towards food poisoning. I certainly do not think I will do well with a 13 month old projective vomiting all over along with me. So at least there is that..

I had some plans for tomorrow that I had to cancel too- just not sure its a good idea to leave the comfort of having a toilet nearby, just in case.. you know...

Friday, May 3, 2013

Clorox Ick-tionary Game- instant winners

This is actually kind of funny, even if you don't win.


Breakfast time with baby lead weaning

My daughter is 13 months old this week- where has the time gone? She is currently cutting about 4 teeth, and I have to say, other than my milk, she has been so picky about what she eats that I am going a little bit insane.

Last week, all she would eat is purees in pouches. Yes, I know this is not inline with BLW purists, but it is convenient for travelling when I am not always sure what will be on the menu.. so we have some on hand.. and that is what she was interested in....last week. So I bought a bunch on drugstore.com. They were having some sales, and I had some other discounts.. so I spent a bundle on pouches, thinking that if that was all she was eating, I better have enough until the trend passed. Well, the trend passed.. even before they arrived. She was still interested in cheese, so she ate a bunch.. and of course we got constipated.. grrr..

Today she decided eating was cool again. I made her some scrambled eggs with cheese. She ate almost 2 eggs. She had chunks of cheese. She had bits of a blueberry scone. She had some Gerbers puffs. She had 3 wheat crackers..I offered her an apple cinnamon pouch with quinoa, she ate it.. and then half of a second one...

I kept offering food until she decided that feeding it to the dog was the thing to do. What a good eater this morning! Not sure how long it will last, but I know she is full now!

Hidden Valley ranch contests

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cricut Expression 2 Cutting Machine Mother’s Day Giveaway Hop

Cricut Expression 2 Cutting Machine giveaway-- I am drooling over this one!


Stokke Tripp Trapp Giveaway

This is a giveaway for a Stokke Tripp Trapp-- awesome product!


Suspended Twitter accounts?

Wow- what a weird week. I have had my itzybellababy Twitter account suspended twice! I am not sure why, but the first time they re-activated it almost immediately.. the second time they made me wait a few days...

I use the account for this blog of course, but I also use it to send out giveaway info and for entering giveaways as well as following folks with giveaways on their sites... I love being able to just click and enter so many contests at a blink. ( I have yet to win a thing, but it is not for a lack of trying.)

Has anyone else had an issue with this? I certainly don't intend to violate some weird rule.. I just want to enjoy the service! Thoughts?